Capitol riot: What is going on beneath the surface?

Anyone who has spent much time fishing has likely observed turbulence on the surface of the water, without necessarily understanding what was causing it.  Sometimes, it is due to a school of fish attempting to escape from a predator.  

Today, we are observing turbulence on the surface of news reports.  The recent intrusion into the Capitol during protests is not as simple an event as many would have us believe.  Intelligence agencies seem to be struggling to dig deeper.  What is going on?  

For one, the intrusions and accompanying violence were not the work of rank-and-file Trump loyalists.  Some of the intruders may have been what are called right-wing extremists, but clearly, at least some were leftists.  Moreover, there was apparent complicity by some of the police officers who were assigned there to protect the Capitol grounds.  And yet, even that is only surface turbulence.  

Warning signs were ignored.  Yes, that has become an all too familiar cliché, but various government agencies are accusing other agencies of deliberately withholding those warning signs, thereby enabling the violent intruders to more easily gain access.  

Government officials are now warning all fifty states that their capitols may be the target of planned, violent intrusions — but by whom?  

We who are not in the know can only speculate, but our speculations can be informed.  Those of us who watched the vote-counters conceal their counting, which is the opposite of what honest officials would do, are aware that the irregularities in the process were not innocent.  We may be derided as conspiracy theorists, but those who deride us cannot offer reasonable explanations for the blatant exclusion, and even expulsion, of observers from the ballot tables.  

If our suspicions are well founded, and I cannot imagine that they are not, then we can only conclude, absent a full and thorough public hearing, that the Democrats stole the election.  They did.  And that being the case, we must further conclude that millions of Americans are not going to sit idly by while left-wing extremists impose their radical agenda on us.  Are we?  

Is all this surface turbulence the sign of secret plots — yes, conspiracies?  Who are the conspirators?  

My guess is that there are at least two opposing factions.  One of them has already committed high crimes, audaciously defrauding the electoral system.  Who are the other conspirators?  What are they planning to do?  Can they do it?  

The fulcrum of all this is probably the date of the impending inauguration.  Maybe there are powerful, patriotic Americans who are desperate to prevent what they view as the imposition of a permanent dictatorship.  We will soon find out.  Either the waters will calm, or else they will be parted.

Image: lldd11 via Pixabay, Pixabay License.