What we’re seeing in America was inevitable

Leftists blame Trump for the chaos we see now, while people who don’t strongly support Trump wonder if the leftists have a point. They don’t. What we’re seeing now is the culmination of more than 50 years of leftist attacks on America’s social and political fabric.

Public schools pump out millions of inculcated teens every year and universities graduate millions of brainwashed young adults every year. In time, they have taken their places in society and the workforce. As a result, leftists now control the tools of culture -- the media and entertainment and even big tech and sports -- in addition to education.

The icing on the cake is 25 million and growing illegal immigrants creating a whole new constituency of soon-to-be-citizens. Likewise, when thinking about the levers of government, consider that almost all of the 22,000,000 people employed by federal, state, and local government in the United States are Democrat voters.

This was inevitable. This process has been going on for more than 50 years. We are now experiencing the inevitable outcome. All these forces were hurdling forward before Trump stepped up.

Democrats are ruthless, they take no prisoners, the ends justify the means, they go for the win, they play the long game, they are far more committed to their cause than Republicans and -- hear this – they have proven far smarter, more clever and more effective than the Republicans…basically in every way.

We have witnessed American culture collapse before our very eyes. Politics is downstream from culture and the leftists have targeted and overtaken the culture in nearly every way. The culture has unraveled so much that the Dems have become like sharks with blood in the water. They are frenzied because they sense their prey is wounded, bleeding out, that the kill and feast are near.

The petty election fraud Democrats perpetrated for decades grew ever bolder, was tested and retried again and again, until this November's election when they took off the shackles. At this point, fair and free elections could be a thing of the past. The Democrats are bold, brazen, chutzpadik...qualities the good guys sorely lack.

For their part, Republican politicians have accepted, rolled over for, or embraced every liberal initiative in the past 50 years. Most are RINOs, people who go along to get along, self-interested more than representatives of their constituents, afraid of their own shadows, polite, lifting their pinkies as they sip their tea, saying just the right things at fundraisers, in interviews, and at cocktail parties, committed to the Queen's Rules of Etiquette and Robert’s Rules of Order. In short, they are sad, pathetic, uncommitted, effete, cowardly…qualities the bad guys lack.

To compound the problem, conservative voters and other sane people have been busy working and raising their families. Along the way, too many have kept their heads downs, unwilling to engage in the unpleasantness of the culture war foisted upon them. As understandable as this may or may not be, we collectively have doomed our children and grandchildren to the rule of ruthless, corrupt people with no respect for individual rights, infatuation with socialism, and disdain for the American idea.

If you're looking for another shovel of dirt on the grave, I have one for you: The growing presence in America of Muslims who embrace sharia over Western values and the Constitution. If you think this is okay, all part of American pluralism, see Europe and start worrying.

Sticking with religion, I hope that patriotic Christians rally, defy the Democrats continuing attacks, and strengthen their faith in America along with their religion.

For Jews, even with all the internal problems and threats, I'm a bit optimistic. As we experience the tragic loss of most non-orthodox Jews, within orthodoxy we are upping our game on Torah education and faith.

As I grope for rays of light, I've come up with a few, but it feels more like consolation than a possibility for a comeback and victory. Right now, it is easier to understand how we got into this mess than how we are going to get out of it. Still, it's hard to bet against the patriots of America and the American idea itself. In time we shall plan, scheme, and mount a counterattack. For now, and then too, it’s in God’s hands.

Martin Ingall is President of Technology Information Corporation and a former DC swamp creature.

IMAGE: The Democrat Party Convention Chicago 1968. YouTube screengrab.

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