We the People: Defining ourselves, defining America

I continue to believe that the majority of Americans voted for Trump.  Although Biden and his leftist pals occupy the White House, We, the People, need to remember the true principles that unify us — and we need to get out on the streets — just as leftists did — to make our case.

From the wordsmiths, poets, comics, and scholars among us, we want empowering language that drowns out the droning of the leftists.  Give us words to inspire, descriptions that stick, characterizations that convulse us with laughter, permeate the culture, and cut right through their screeching.  We need to hashtag the living daylights out of this thing. 

How about a rousing cheer for the rallies that Americans will hold, during which they'll chant WE, THE PEOPLE?  Heck, let's elevate it into a call-and-response litany: 

Leader — We, the People 

Crowd — We, the People 

Leader — of the United States 

Crowd — We, the People 

Leader — in Order to form 

Crowd — We, the People 

Leader — a more perfect 

Crowd — We, the People 

Leader — Union 

Crowd — Union 

We could chant the entire Constitution.  There's your unity, Joe. 

We are patriots, the true republicans, a federation of states, a celebrated nation of free individuals.  We are conservatives of all stripes: the Tea Party, classic liberals, Blexit, libertarians, immigrants, Walk Away, and law-and-order lefties.  We freely come together under the biggest tent of them all, finding joy in our common causes of liberty and equality.

Our nonhierarchical diversity makes us truly strong; their dreary oppression-based equity is nothing more than re-jiggered discrimination.  We are the morally rigorous, calling for individuals to be better.  They are the social justice warriors creating more injustice than they relieve and calling for a deified government to reshape our consciences and redirect our lives. 

Leader — Power to the people 

Crowd — Not Big Brother 

Leader — Power to the people 

Crowd — Not Big Tech 

Our goal is a more perfect union, not some unreachable utopia.  We value character over the color of one's skin; they are the racialists, the tribalists, where superficial diversity rules.  We are positive about our immensely blessed country.  We acknowledge the failures and frailty of the past, but we do not turn away from the truth of it.  They are deniers — of past truth, of present freedoms, and of the myriad differences that result in individual achievements. 

Our rally cheers could be honest but banal: 

Hey, hey, ho, ho.  Pedo Joe has got to go.  (Or demented Joe, greedy Joe, nepo Joe, Obama's Joe, recycled Joe, washed up Joe.) 

In 2022, we will chant, "WE ARE KARMA."  They will see us coming.  

We are the field hockey moms who want our girls growing up, competing, and winning on their own terms.  And by the way, if leftists seriously do not want the world divided into just two sexes, it's high time to amend Title IX.  Let's have categories for girls/women, boys/men, and the gender-fluid (all others).  That way, everyone gets acknowledged, and the non-binary can compete.

To prevent noncompetitive boys from beating girls who are the best among our young female athletes, it's easy enough to add a third set of sexes and a third set of trophies to the track meet.  Without this, it's just back to the male hegemony that brought about Title IX in the first place.  Surely Nancy Pelosi and her generation have not forgotten that bit of the past in their haste to gather an insignificant handful of votes. 

We are not Black Bloc Barbies, which is where AOC and the Squad would be today if they were bringing their politics to the street, not to Congress.  We support our police and our troops, expect good behavior from all of them, and accord them the respect they deserve as Americans when they exercise their freedoms and responsibilities.

We do not call for their defunding and decry the militarization of state and local police, only to hypocritically demand heavily armed military protection (including fully automatic weapons to mow down peaceful American protesters) when we get frightened — and then vet those military members for political purity.  The utter gall! 

We are unifiers, not chronic dividers.  Come on in, you who are tired of the broken promises, you poor who lost so much to blue-state lockdowns, you who hunger for unfettered opportunity, and you who thirst for freedom of expression unregulated by the elite classes.  You union members already feeling the dread of livelihoods lost forever.  You Southern-tier staters with overburdened infrastructures about to be overrun like never before.  You community members with crime rates that have almost doubled, young men slaughtering each other, and an official tolerance for this bad behavior that has expanded your food deserts into retail wastelands.  Welcome, all!

Use your words, fellow conservatives.  Sing those patriotic songs, and chant those patriotic chants.  Prevail again, because we are the people of We, the People. 

Anony Mee is a retired public servant.

Image: We the People by Navyatha123.  CC BY-SA 4.0.