Unity! Healing! (Probably not going to happen)

Aren't most people paying attention sick to death of our self-appointed betters calling for “unity” and “healing”?  Talking heads on both sides of the aisle are dutifully repeating this mantra 24/7.  The hapless Republicans like Lindsey Graham may think such a soundbite might succeed but no one in the real world does.  Not to rehash recent history, but for over four years the Democrats used every dirty trick in their playbook in their attempt to destroy Donald Trump.   We should have all realized from that moment that they were not going to let that happen again and indeed they did not.  

The left has doubled down in order to put the doddering Joe Biden in the Oval Office.  Their hatred, jealousy and fear of Trump’s popularity and success in office has transformed them from merely viciously intolerant into rabid dogs of venality. 

Oh, they’ve shown their true colors over the past four years.  They’ve cruelly attacked every member of the Trump family not to mention what they’ve had to say, are still saying, about Trump’s supporters, all eighty to a hundred million of them.  Swamp dwellers like McConnell, Romney, even Kevin McCarthy seem to think that by sucking up to the left they will endear themselves to those of us who have been thoroughly disenfranchised.  No way.  What McConnell, Liz Cheney, Ben Sasse, Pat Toomey, et. al. have done is ensure their own legacies of betrayal; they’ve each revealed their inner spinelessness.  That goes for Mike Pence as well. 

How to explain the backstabbing Bill Barr?  He was likely a saboteur from the beginning of his stint as AG.  So much disappointment to go around.  Why are there so very few real conservatives in Congress?  Why so few with the courage of their convictions?  Perhaps because they have no real convictions beyond their own enrichment.  

Almost no one is excited about Biden’s presidency any more than they were excited about his candidacy.  He was just the last man standing among a gaggle of radicals.  The troops are likely a grand performance of political theater to cover up the lack of interest in a Biden presidency.

Given the policies he has already announced, Biden’s administration is bound to destroy the US economy, wildly exacerbating illegal immigration, which will further throw Americans out of work, further bankrupt our already bankrupt nation, and worst of all, implement  quasi-Stalinist restrictions on our freedoms. 

The left is seeking to destroy every person who ever worked for the Trump administration or spoke in favor of it.   Lefty media pundits are calling on big tech to punish Trump supporters.  They are demanding they be “re-programmed,” “re-educated,” our opinions “de-platformed,” “de-amplified.”  Some of them suggest we should all be put into re-education camps

Massive censorship of any and all conservative ideas is happening, and the left celebrates it as if they are so historically ignorant, they don’t know where such authoritarianism leads. 

Individuals are insignificant, only the collective matters.  Think of the excesses of the French and Russian Revolutions.  That’s where we are today under a Biden administration.  And they talk about unity and healing.  What a sick joke.

What everyone knows is that the left has no intention of bringing about unity or healing.  They are gearing up to go for the jugulars of every Trump supporter, one way or another.  They may be surveilling our texts and emails.  Soon we will be back to communicating by ham radio like Nellie Ohr, or even carrier pigeons to protect ourselves from their big brother despotism. 

Oh, it won’t be old Joe Biden pulling the strings.  It will be his handlers, the veterans of the Obama administration:  Susan Rice, Samantha Power, John Kerry for heavens’ sake, Gina McCarthy, Jen Psaki.  There are many fingerprints all over the Russia hoax meant to destroy Trump.  They are all tired retreads of former failed Democrat administrations.  Not one appears to believe in American exceptionalism.

There will be no unity.  There will be no healing.  There will be further speech restrictions, a more extreme cancel culture, as people lose their jobs for using a wrong word or expressing an incorrect opinion.  There will be, as there already is, a fervent and possibly successful campaign to ban all opinions contrary to the regime in power. 

Orwell was beyond prescient; he foretold our present.  Unless and until there are more conservative Americans with the valor to fight for the preservation of the Constitution and the liberty it guaranteed for all, we are doomed.  There can be no unity or healing under what appears to be about to be a dictatorship.  As George Rasley has written, “They have opened the gates of hell and it’s a one-way passage.”

Graphic credit: Pixy.org CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license

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