Twitter: Iran's foreign policy saber-rattling is fine; Trump isn't

Relax, all you Ayatollah Ali Khamenei fans.  Reports of Khamenei's Twitter suspension death have been greatly exaggerated; his account is alive and well and spewing out deadly hate against Big Satan, otherwise known as the United States, and Little Satan, otherwise known as Israel.  And that is just fine with Twitter.  

What wasn't fine with Twitter was that the suspended account, spewing tweets such as "Revenge is inevitable,", not vile but, although in Khamenei's name, a fake, thus "violating the platform's 'abusive behavior policy' as well as its 'manipulation and spam policy.'"

Other than that, according to Twitter, the content of this fake account, calling for the complete destruction of Israel and the death of its inhabitants, was just dandy as is Khamenei's certified one, which also constantly advocates for the complete destruction of Israel and the death of its inhabitants because "foreign policy saber-rattling on military and economic issues are generally not in violation of Twitter rules."

Oh.  Got that?

Uhm, then why was President Donald J. Trump (R)'s account totally purged?  Because of inciting violence.

Oh.  Got that?  Well, neither did I, and neither did Kayleigh McEnany, Trump's former press secretary, who bluntly accused Twitter of "overwhelming, blinding bias against conservatives and against this president."

Yep, finally got it.  Bye, bye Twitter.

Image: Twitter.

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