The Wuhan virus: Did we get what we paid for?

I read this story in the U.K. Daily Mail (May 2020) and thought it was an exaggeration, too bizarre to be believed...purely tabloid material.

REVEALED: U.S. government gave $3.7million grant to Wuhan lab at center of coronavirus leak scrutiny that was performing experiments on bats from the caves where the disease is believed to have originated

similar story also appeared that same month with the same confounding accusation.

Here's an interesting "discovery" I just made...if you search for this controversial story using Google, it takes about 2 minutes for the page to load.  If you search using DuckDuckGo(.)com, the page loads in 3 seconds.  What is that all about?

It almost seemed as if Google didn't believe the story, either.

Oh, well.  It's probably nothing.

Sunday night, Fox News's Steve Hilton's The Next Revolution did a remarkable and shocking confirmation of both previous stories, linking Dr. Fauci and NIH funding (in 2014) to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.  Fauci's support for the dangerous Wuhan "research" was provided against Barack Obama's orders to halt animal-to-human genetic testing in the USA. screen grab.

You can watch entire segment here.  I encourage everyone to watch it and then ask the silly question: "Have our own tax dollars been funding the research and development for Frankenstein viruses by the PRC?"

Cautiously considering a fictional companion book, "We History of Covid-19-Through-48," that no publisher would consider believable.

Dale Lowdermilk is the founder of NOTSAFE(.)ORG.