The fake outrage against Trump is just fake news

Most of the media and other Democrats were not outraged when:

Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid over $10 million to a foreign person to create a fictitious dossier to destroy Donald Trump and then lied to the FEC that the cost of it was for legal fees.

The corrupt Obama/Biden Justice department continually used the false dossier to mislead the FISA court to spy on Trump associates.

The biased Mueller investigation continued its witch hunt against Trump associates even though they knew the Russian collusion story was a hoax. They destroyed people like Gen. Michael Flynn even though they knew he committed no crime. The media and other Democrats not only weren’t outraged that they targeted innocent people, they feigned outrage when Trump pardoned Flynn and others destroyed by the corrupted Justice department.

The biased Muller team didn’t go after any of the criminals in the Obama/Biden administration who perpetuated the fraud of the Russian collusion.

Rep. Adam Schiff, former intelligence chief James Clapper, Rep. Eric Swalwell, and others continually lied about having evidence of Russian collusion. The media still uses these congenital liars as sources.

The media not only didn’t get outraged by the false Russian collusion stories, they participated for years in spreading the lies and then gave themselves journalism awards for intentionally misleading the public.

The corrupt Obama Justice department was used to target political opponents and obstructed justice by destroying computers and lying to Congress. The corrupted Justice department under wingman Attorney General Eric Holder let them off. They were all above the law.

Hillary Clinton and her aides repeatedly violated the nation's security laws and were allowed by the corrupt Justice department to destroy computers and documents. They were also above the law.

That the corrupt Obama/Biden administration continually lied through the compliant media to get the Iran deal done, gave cash kickbacks to Iran's tyrants, and let off terrorist drug runners, all to appease Iran. Most of the media still support the deal with the biggest terrorist-sponsoring state that still pledges death to America.

The Bidens and Clintons used their powerful government positions to enrich themselves and their families with huge kickbacks from foreign parties.

Biden blackmailed Ukraine with one billion of taxpayer money if they didn’t fire a prosecutor.

Biden continually lied that he had no idea what his son was doing. The media covered up the Hunter Biden story including the laptop while they were campaigning for him.

Schiff and fifty former intelligence officials willingly lied that the Hunter Biden laptop story in the New York Post looked like Russian disinformation. The media used that as a cover story to bury the information from the public.

Antifa and other leftist groups looted, committed arson, destroyed communities, and intentionally harmed police. The compliant media called these violent groups "mostly peaceful" to mislead the public.

The Washington Post, CNN and others sought to destroy white Christian boys by calling them racists for the crime of wearing MAGA hats.

The Washington Post and others sought to destroy Judge Brett Kavanaugh without evidence, just because they didn’t like his Constitutional views.

Politicians keep schools and other businesses closed despite no scientific evidence supporting the closures.

Democrats refuse to support giving health care to babies born alive.

Election officials in several states violated the Constitution and their state laws in the 2020 election. To the media and other Democrats, it is baseless to question this lawlessness.

Election officials in some states stopped counting, for no apparent reason, stopped counting on election night for a while and poll watchers were kicked out. We are told that any questions are baseless.

Signatures on voting records aren’t matched against the ballots.

Voting machines switch votes. We are told that is not a problem. And now we see the same thing again, this time in Georgia, with its last-ditch Senate runoff.

Of course, most of the media and other Democrats baselessly say that photo IDs to vote are racist because they really don’t care about election integrity.

But there is absolute outrage by the media, Democrats, and some Republicans that Trump dares call the secretary of state in Georgia to ask for a signature audit in Fulton County, to ask why poll watchers were sent away, and why counting occurred while they were gone, as well as to ask why there was a fake water main break to stop the counting.

There has also been fake outrage for years about Trump supposedly not denouncing white supremacists and allowing the lies about what Trump said in Charlottesville by Biden and others to continue.

They also spread the Atlanta Journal-Constitution story, with much evidence that it didn’t happen, that Trump disparaged the military, before the election to help Biden.

There are many threats to our freedom, democracy, and prosperity and none of them have to do with Trump challenging the election results when there was so much intentional malfeasance.

What's a real threat are the thought police and the cancel culture. When Pelosi and Democrats in the House say you can’t use terms like mother, father, sister, and brother, we have powerful swamp creatures who are lacking common sense and at odds with what Americans value.

When the media blocks information that contradicts Dr. Anthony Fauci and the World Health Organization (WHO), no matter how much they have gotten wrong, that is dangerous. When people disagree with the indoctrination about climate change, they are stifled. No matter how wrong the previous dire predictions have been, the public is told that the science is settled, and we must stop using oil. The climate change pushers never have to give evidence to support their policies.

But the biggest threat of all to our freedom, democracy, prosperity, and survival as a great country is a media that almost exclusively campaigns for one party and seeks to destroy the other. They do not care how corrupt or radical the Democrats are if they have that “D” behind their name.

Just repeating talking points is worthless and non-essential. It is a shame that most of them have remained on payrolls while they support lockdowns that are greatly harming the poor, the middle class, women, children, minorities, and small businesses, whom they only pretend to care about. All they care about is power for Democrats and the government.

Image credit: Pixabay public domain