The election will not stand

This election isn't going to stand.

It will not stand up to the facts pouring in from every quarter that a fraud of unprecedented magnitude has been perpetrated on the American people — or, at any rate, on those who may still be considered, and who consider themselves, loyal Americans.

It will not stand against an unmitigated force of a million or more American patriots flooding the streets of Washington, D.C. in a massive display of support for a legitimate president and a threatened Republic.

It will not stand against the raw determination, the Jacksonian character, and the astute and resourceful intelligence of a president like none in modern American history, despite the orchestrated campaign of unrelenting media slander launched against him.

Licit resistance against a pervasive electoral hoax will be contested by a veritable army of those either too invested in pulling off a swindle that dwarfs anything ever seen before — not excluding the 1824 "corrupt bargain" that cheated Andrew Jackson of the presidency — or those too cowardly, fearful, indifferent, and morally invertebrate to oppose the "Olympian" machinations of the elite classes or to face down the specter of mob violence.

Licit resistance is also potentially undermined by many well-meaning ostensible "pragmatists" who have already conceded victory to a flagrant impostor in the belief that it is inevitable and that various subsequent "workarounds" may be possible to dilute or parry the political repression of a Democrat-run administration.  The delusion persists.  But in the last analysis, loyal Americans in their multitudes will not be daunted by domestic enemies or confounded by ideological fissures in their own ranks.

If the word "American" is to mean anything at all, including the pledge to defend the Constitution against enemies both domestic and foreign as per the Oath of Office, to contribute to the nation's prosperity and maintain its traditions, to preserve its history, to defend its borders, and to love the ideal of greatness that is its patrimony, then the word does not apply to those who practice treachery or who are too timid and abject to rise to the defense of the nation in its time of trial and turbulence, wherever such tergiversators may be found.

This election will not stand.  It is too corrupt to withstand scrutiny.  Many may regard it as too big to fail.  But it is not big enough to stand against the will of those who still consider themselves American.

Graphic credit: PicpediaCC BY-SA 3.0  license.

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