The COVID response — lots of questions but no answers

Making ends meet during the COVID nanny-state takeover of our lives is difficult for many people I know who are not classified as "essential" workers.  Losing one's livelihood and the means to care for our family is more than humbling; it's positively frightening.  Because there seems to be so little actual, factual information disseminated to the public about COVID, I've started asking my own questions publicly.  I've written a few articles (here and here), and responses have been interesting.

One of the comments left after my last article published gave me a new subject to think about.  Here's an excerpt from Creole Gumbo's comment:

One issue that has not been raised is that everyone who enters a nursing home is asked to sign an Advanced Directive. Since keeping you alive at all cost is the default position, anyone with an AD has already stated a preference for being allowed to die should x, y or z be the case. Most of them sign with the specification that infections are to be treated with antibiotics but should the need arise they are not to be intubated or have other forms of artificial life support. At that point they are DNRs (Do Not Resuscitate).

It only makes sense to discuss the lethality of a disease IF all members of the group being studied have received the same level of medical care. If one subgroup specifies DNR and the other does not, then any difference in outcome between the two groups cannot be blamed on the inherent virulence of the presumed cause of the illness.

This was provocative, and I'd never heard it mentioned before.  We've frankly been asked not to think or ask questions and, often, we, as well as any medical professionals questioning the orthodoxy, have been censored and canceled.  Just trust the anointed "experts" who have invariably steered us down dead-end roads, threatening not only our physical health and well-being, but our mental health.

Is anyone researching such questions?  Can any professional tell us, straight out, in advance, what the COVID treatment options are if we do get sick?  Are the elders among us being given the opportunity to change that DNR directive, given the virulence of COVID?  Why is it not treated early, to short-circuit the need for hospitalization and reduce the death toll?  The means exist; there's a bolus of evidence that the hydroxychloroquine protocol works if used in early treatment.

Instead, our wise mayors and governors flail at the problem, doing more harm than good.  Closing beaches, parks, and outdoor dining facilities is obviously counterproductive, yet it's starting to happen again.  Being outside in fresh air is good for both mental and physical health, offering people a place to visit without crowding indoors, where proximity and lack of air circulation spread the virus more readily.  The Santa Monica pier was closed a few days ago, restarting the repressive cycle.

Last spring, beaches and parks in California were closed with yellow crime scene tape.  It's definitely a make-the-bureaucrat-feel-important move, but if there were any positive results from it, they'd certainly show us, right?

I know of no proof that COVID cases came from outdoor dining, from the park, or from the beach.  For that matter, nobody at my indoor gym ever got COVID.  We are adults, responsible people who all know to schedule visits; keep our distance; sanitize; and do things that make us more, rather than less, healthy.

We enjoyed one month of open businesses, a return to a little bit of normalcy, and then the iron door was slammed shut again.  Nanny California said "no."  End of story.  To what end?  Now, after several closed months, we have a crisis of filled ICUs and more viral spread, because why?  Because people traveled over Thanksgiving, and now the Christmas holidays?  Prove it!

The cases in overwhelmed L.A. County appear to originate in poorer communities, where people frequently live several families to a small apartment.  When they're prevented from working and are shut in together, they readily infect one another, rather than from travelers.

Why haven't those communities been offered prophylactic treatment all along?  Why aren't they vaccinated?  Doctors who promoted a prophylactic drug regimen have been de-platformed and canceled and lost their jobs.  Why?

We all feel helpless lately.  So much has been taken away from us.  Our self-determination needs to be defended and the nanny state replaced, but how do we accomplish that?  I look forward to whatever leadership comes forward to start the process.  Some of it must come from the medical realm.  There needs to be a rising and united voice of both reason and sense.

Image: COVID-19 virusCC0 Public Domain.