The CCP: An international thieving mafia

What is not obvious to most is that China is actually run by about 50 very rich families who own and control most of the choice properties and businesses in China.  The 91 million CCP members are effectively a total-control Mafia ruling approximately a billion and a half Chinese people.  Yes, most of the very rich are members of the CCP or are officially communists, but they more truly function like the criminal Mafia with worldwide ambitions.

The latest ambition of the CCP is stealing seafood from the territorial waters of less powerful nations worldwide.  China has overfished its territorial waters in short-sighted fashion, and its consumption of much national wildlife is similarly shortsighted.  The Galapagos Islands (part of Ecuador), ArgentinaPeruWest Africa, and North Korea are just a few sites of the documented thefts of recent seafood worldwide by China.  It seems that the only recourse will be to sink the Chinese militia armed fishing vessels or capture them in their criminal acts.

China is trying to steal international fishing rights in the South China Sea by building artificial islands manned by the Chinese military.

China is buying leases to strategic shipping ports worldwide to monopolize commercial shipping routes.  The Chinese are clever fox predators rampaging through a worldwide chicken coop that has only recently become somewhat alarmed and is waking up to the global threat, thanks partly to the COVID-19 virus and China's blatant attempts at shifting blame elsewhere.

The CCP loves to steal intellectual and military property or information and make knockoff products in China and sell them worldwide to countries that couldn't care less about patent laws, which are rarely international in scope.  The CCP steals whatever civil rights there are still left in China, with the Uighurs and Tibetans being the most glaring examples.  Bribing universities and professors with money contributions has paid off with further intellectual theft and a favorable view of the CCP.  Chinese spying tentacles reach out worldwide and exist in all the powerful nations of the world.

Thanks to the CCP, COVID-19, Hong Kong, and Trump, China's reputation is beginning to show signs of some decline.  Japan is financially incentivizing its companies to move from China to Vietnam and other countries, some countries are moving companies out of China to India, Canada rejected China's gold mine deal, and India is having border skirmishes with China as it tries to forcefully take or steal small slices of India.  China is stealing water with dams, thus greatly reducing the flow of the Mekong River for Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand.  Australia is being singled out for punishment by the CCP and is not shipping coal, barley, etc. to China anymore, and the Chinese Belt and Road imperialism masked as foreign aid is going to make a lot of international enemies worldwide in the long duration.

China's long-range economic and strategic planning has succeeded with the help of short-term international corporate greed for quick profits such as Citi, BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, Apple, etc.  The elite ruling class of the United States has been bought off by big international corporate money and few are really that concerned about the gradual decline of the U.S. economically.  The elite moneybags are looking forward to more of the same on into the foreseeable future with a Biden win and Democratic control of Congress.

Never trust a thief or do business with one is an old truism to which the relatively peaceful world is only slowly waking up.  China, led by the CCP master thief, is plundering the world without concern for the devastating long-term worldwide consequences.  The Chinese insatiable appetite for food has also been mirrored in an insatiable appetite for the CCP's ideological and economic domination.

Don't punish a thief for his theft, and the thief will become more brazen in his actions and steal some more.  Maybe Taiwan is the next big meal since Hong Kong legally became a part of mainland China without a shot being fired.  The imprisonment and persecution of dissidents in Hong Kong is a daily occurrence.

International moral economic leadership and might are necessary to counter international theft by the Mafia-like CCP, and I am not convinced that the U.S. and the E.U. will be providing enough of it in the near foreseeable future.  The CCP deserves immediate punishment and ostracism by the worldwide community of nations.  The CCP will not change its thieving ideology and actions, but our attitude and actions toward it must change while there is still time to do so.

Image: Smog at the Forbidden City, Beijing by Andrea Widburg.