Mama told me

Our newly minted Theater of the Absurd government is making one bone-headed decision after the next, running around like a chicken with its head cut off, something my mother used to accuse me of doing.  In the name of purging every single thing that Trump accomplished in four years as fast as humanly possible, they are ignoring every one of her generation's tried and true admonitions. 

The Democrats think they'll get away with it, given the MSM's dedication to cooperative existentialism — basically, the concept that if a tree falls in the forest, and they agree they won't see it or talk about it on TV, it can never be proven to have happened.  They believe we won't notice.  We're smarter than they think we are, and after the Hunter Biden laptop incident, we've stopped believing them and started trusting our own lying eyes.

My mama used to tell me quite regularly that I'd forget my head if it weren't glued on.  That's what our new government believes we're going to do — forget everything we think we know as it goes about cranking out myriad ill thought out executive orders rather than planning with purpose.  This will have unforeseen (by them, but not by us) consequences.

As the energy sector is destroyed by their order, we'll notice the soaring prices, they'll hear from the jobless workers, and we'll protest the brownouts and blackouts.  It's absurd to think we won't blame them.  It was all working just fine before the election, and our heads are indeed still glued on well enough to see it.

People will have an "aha" moment as they sit shivering in the dark.  They will see clearly how they've been betrayed.  As they see how they are paying through the nose for their 2019 vote, it's not a mistake they'll likely make twice. 

The consequences of substituting Marxist "equity" for free market "equality" (of opportunity) as a guiding principle has been slipped quietly into the vernacular, with the hopes nobody will notice.  Kamala Harris's video explains it well.  Susan Rice's speech just reinforced that this concept will guide our government. 

This type of claptrap reasoning means that our achievements become nullified if we don't have the correct skin tone.  To be successful, we need only to have been born to a certain race and economic class, and then we'll be given everything, deserving of it though we may or may not be. 

This governing approach is contrary to the principles in our Bill of Rights and patently against the Constitution.  It's also enervating to a population as it takes all incentive to do well from the equation, and with it, the joy of accomplishment.  It's been tried before and failed at the cost of millions dead.

"You can't judge a book by its cover," my mama told me.  Yet that's what Democrats do when they use skin color as the only way to measure a person.  Harping on race, race, and more race as the root of all evil in our society is a trap they want us all to fall into.  It's as if we didn't have huge growth in interracial relationships, and huge growth in multi-racial childbirth, both of which point to the absurdity of calling us a racist society.

We have for years elected black leaders all over the country, as well as, of course, Barack Obama for president.  How can that be racist?

They want us to believe that discrimination is endemic to our culture when we are the least racist society on the planet.  Anyone with self-respect (which none of them, obviously, has) will soon chafe against this very concept as it is played out in real life, where pitting one race against the other serves only to create strife where none actually exists in their push to create dependence on the government rather than independence of thought. 

This administration is flailing, aimlessly, in public, but hoping nobody will notice.  The public may not yet see that these people are cutting off their noses to spite their faces, as mom would have said, but those of us who pay attention see it.  As Democrats attempt to destroy all cultural norms in the name of progress, and it all goes awry, it will be plainly obvious to most people, in spite of the MSM pretending we, the average American, the conservative, are to blame for everything that goes wrong. 

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