The Biden administration's leftist problem

Ostensibly because of both the Wuhan virus and a small, disorganized, intensely stupid raid on the Capitol, Biden had a very weird inauguration.  A few people were in the stands, while the mall was filled with National Guard troops (required to be there) and flags.  However, there were well attended events in other American cities.  These events took the form of anti-Biden rallies from leftists.  It turns out that the Bernie Sanders coalition is still angry.

On the morning of Biden's inauguration, John Dietrich wrote a prescient post pointing out that the real danger to the Biden administration doesn't come from conservatives.  Instead, it comes from leftists:

Progressives have fostered these protest organizations.  Now that they are in power will they be able to control them? They may find that they have created a Frankenstein's monster.

There are many reasons why the demonstrations will not be easy to stop.  Social injustice and police brutality are only a small part of the reason for demonstrating.  Many people riot to escape boredom which has been intense with the Corona lockdown. Many view riots as a fun pastime.  Riots can also be an opportunity to pick up some new tennis shoes or a wide screen TV. There are few penalties for rioting and some municipalities actually encourage protests.  Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake was not the only major who instructed officers to allow protestors to express themselves and that "we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well."

The new administration's enemies from the left didn't wait even a day to begin their protests.

In Portland, Antifa made plain its disdain for the new administration's political ideology.  Rather than going only after federal buildings, as it did during the Trump administration, Antifa's goons also attacked the Oregon office of the Democrat party.  They even burned a Biden flag.

Julio Rosas was there and got footage and photographs.  And while I'm trying hard to avoid Twitter, that's where Rosas's excellent journalism appears:

Antifa was also active in Seattle, protesting the Biden inauguration.  The protesters wanted to let the new administration know that they want an end to the entire criminal justice system:

No matter how hard Biden pulls to the left, he will never pull far enough for the anarchists whom the Democrat party coddled throughout 2020.  He'll quickly discover that the hard leftists he insisted were just "an idea" are in fact real and a problem for him.  Immediately after the election, Smash Racism Raleigh, a hard leftist group out of North Carolina, explained that "Biden won't liberate us."

Throughout 2020, the Democrat party used violence to its advantage.  What many Trump-supporters missed is that, even though Biden spent most of the year incommunicado in his basement, the left was holding huge campaign rallies, some of which were comparable to Trump's rallies.  But while Trump held traditional rallies in stadiums and hangars, with Trump and other politicians speaking, the Democrat party had a new kind of rally: protest marches, riots, looting, arson, and more.

These "rallies," framed as a holy war against anti-black racism, energized the base in more ways than we can probably imagine.  However, the Democrats erred in believing that once Trump was ousted, the rallies would stop.  That's not how these things work.  Once you unleash violence, it takes on an energy and life of its own.

Statistics tell us that, at some point within the next year, police officers, whether because they're bad guys or genuinely fear for their lives, will shoot an "unarmed black man."  When that happens, the fact that Biden is in the White House probably will be insufficient to prevent all Hell from breaking loose on the Democrats' left flank.

Image: Antifa in Portland.  Twitter screen grab.

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