Senator Leahy will preside over the Trump impeachment trial?

The U.S. House did it.  The House managers walked over to the U.S. Senate and dropped off the article of impeachment.  In short, they're blaming President Trump for inciting a riot, but is that true?  Well, truth does not really matter in this case.  The snap impeachment was just one more effort to squeeze whatever juice they could out of the Trump orange.

The Democrats cannot live without their "daily Trump," and that's what the impeachment was really about.

The trial will be bizarre.  Supreme Court chief justice John Roberts won't be there because no president is on trial.  It appears more and more that GOP senators will vote to acquit the former president.

However, the strangest aspect of this trial will be the presence of Senator Patrick Leahy, the Senate president pro tempore, as presiding judge. 

So let me get this straight.  The Democrats have chosen one of the most partisan senators on their side to oversee this show.  After all, they don't call him "the nastiest Democrat" because he is a nice guy.  On the contrary, Senator Leahy plays hardball and is not someone who will give President Trump the "due process" the U.S. House failed to give.

Let the circus begin.  President Trump will benefit from this travesty.  Again, God only knows why President Biden has not stopped this nonsense.  Maybe he's afraid to.

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Image: Senate Democrats via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 2.0.

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