Senator Cruz is right to force the conversation

We're starting a rather consequential week, from the vote in Georgia to a fight over electoral votes not seen since 1877, when Rutherford B. Hayes beat Samuel Tilden 185-184!

My guess is that 2021 will not end like 1877, but who knows?  Wonder what information comes out once members of U.S. Congress actually starting talking about what happened in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin?

This is why I support Senator Ted Cruz on this one.  The cynics will say this is Cruz thinking of 2024, and that may be true.  At the same time, we need a conversation about 2020, and someone has to get the ball rolling.

I agree with Roger Kimball:

Was the presidential election in those disputed states conducted in accordance with "the Constitution and with federal and state law"? Did "the voters fairly decide" the election? 

I think there are serious questions about both. 

Indeed there are, from states changing their own rules without a vote from the legislatures to an unprecedented number of ballots mailed to voters who did not request them.

What happens now?  Let's hear what Senator Cruz and Representative Mo Brooks have to say.  My guess is that Senator Cruz will make a persuasive case, and Biden would be wise to take it seriously.

For two months, the Democrats and some in the media have basically told us to shut up and eat our vegetables.  Two months later, and a lot of people are still talking and not eating the vegetables.

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Image: U.S. Senate

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