Resistance to Biden-Harris fundamental to being American

Here's the reality: if Joe Biden gets sworn in, America is over.  To talk as if that were not the case is fantasy.  To project future GOP victories or Trump comebacks is fantasy. To imagine that the country will continue on pretty much as before under Biden-Harris is fantasy.  The Deep State that controls them is pervasive, the corruption so thorough, the hatred for us so total, that no honest candidate will ever again hold major public office.  Masks and lock-ins at home and business shutdowns will be permanent fixtures of life, not temporary dislocations.  We will be prisoners in our own homes in our own country.

To refuse to acknowledge this is to blind yourself to what's clearly on the horizon.  People who would steal a presidential election don't honor the same things real Americans do.  They think the idea of America, where people go their own ways without direct, intrusive government supervision, is stupid.  I don't.  They think they are better human material than you or I.  I don't.  They think the world's running out of resources, so humanity has to be clamped down on, populations reduced, liberties withdrawn.  I don't.

People who think as they do deny God.  Denying God, they admit of no limiting principle in government or law or ethics — and the idea of limiting government is what the Constitution was all about.  These people see nothing special about human life, so in their own lives, they want to get in everything they can during what they see as their only existence.  That attitude excuses anything they do, anything at all.

Hence Madoff.  Hence Clinton.  Hence Epstein.

These are not the kind of people we want running government or even hobnobbing with those who do run government.  Some say resistance to them is not just futile, but foolish.  Nonsense.  We are in an existential crisis brought about by aberrant human beings.  Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Barack Obama — these are destructive, venomous people.  To resist their attempt to steal the country is fundamental to being American.


Image: Max Pixel.