Post-Trump, here's how the MAGA movement can continue

The people of America have taken massive blows to the gut.  But we cannot let them be knock-out blows.  They must be wake-up blows — blows that inspire us to come back stronger than ever.

Here are two things that can be done:

First, MAGA rallies.

We must have the first of regular peaceful MAGA rallies the weekend after Joe Biden is sworn in, on Jan. 23 or 24.  Preferred speakers would include citizen Donald Trump and talk show host Rush Limbaugh if his health permits.  It is already time for others with their eyes on running for Congress in 2022 and president in 2024 to step up and attend and receive national exposure.  A great location could be the golf course at Trump's own Mar-a-Lago club in Florida.  The rally must be all positive, naming no bad people (even though there are lots of them).  It should highlight what it takes to MAGA, both in fighting bad legislation we know is coming and in countering every government level for what we know is needed.

While the bad guys are celebrating in the swamp, we must retain the lead in MAGA.  Who will sponsor such a rally?  That we can work on as the idea advances.

Second, a convention of the states.

We must have a convention of the states immediately to accomplish one task: guarantee that future federal elections are void of fraud.  Our Constitution, which has yet to be canceled, provides that the state legislatures can call for a convention of the states to propose constitutional amendments that then require 75% of the states' approval in order to become part of the Constitution.

A simple change in the Electoral College, as two states have done, where electors are appointed by congressional district plus two per state, would eliminate the "battleground states," forcing candidates to campaign nationwide and making it impossible for fraudsters to win an entire state by flooding a single county with fraud.

By requiring the state certification of electors to come from the legislatures, not the governor, nor the local secretary of state, based upon a vote of a joint session of each legislature after resolving any objections, the fraud will be greatly reduced before it becomes a national issue.

Thirty-four states are required to call for a convention of the states, and 38 must approve any amendments approved by the Congress for them to become part of the Constitution.  There is an active effort to convene a convention of the states in every state now as I write this.  This effort has been focused on a series of proposed amendments related to reducing the size and control of the federal government.  This effort should be preceded by one to eliminate fraud in our federal elections.

Want to learn more about the convention of the states?  Search for it on the internet and read the pros and cons, and then get involved.

You can download a booklet that describes the convention of the states from its website by clicking on Download Your Free Convention of States Pocket Guide.

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