Lena Dunham fantasizes about Hunter Biden

With Joe Biden president, pop reality star Lena Dunham can't resist getting into the act. She tweeted this to more than 4,000 likes:



along with a rash of hostile comments, mostly about her uninhibited body aesthetic, which is her performance schtick.

In case you don't recall, here's a sample, screenshots from her recent shareable Instagram video of herself dancing to porn rapper Cardi B's "song" WAP:

It's up to Hunter, of course, to be impressed. Hunter is married, of course, but that has never stopped him.

Aside from the comic aspect, what's really obnoxious here is that Dunham seems to be attempting to shape a new narrative about the presidential son.

Hunter Biden up until now, has been known by his deeds -- which based on an abandoned laptop, seems to include selling influence, reaping big dollars from the world's gamiest regimes, and taking consultant fees for "introductions." He's lived off his dad, from his days at Yale to his board seats on top companies in Ukraine. He's now under investigation for money laundering and influence peddling by the FBI. He's also a drug addict, a stripper aficionado, a guy who reportedly left a crack pipe in a rental car, and has at least one child out of wedlock, which he piled up the irresponsibility on by refusing to pay child support until he had to.

He's quite a guy, just the one for Lena Dunham.

But stuff like this does play into the way of House Biden which is to to answer the serious questions and always change the subject.

Lena's helping out on that front, re-casting Hunter Biden as a newfound sex symbol for leftists of a certain lightheadedness to swoon over.

Low information voters, who are Dunham's specialty, will now cast the presidential son into the realm of pin-up boy, and from there, watch the questions over Hunter's alleged money laundering and influence peddling be swept under the rug.

For Hunter, this is a public relations agent's dream. Lena got Hunter off the front pages as a corrupt crook who fronts for "the big guy" and now made him an object of desire for the modern bobbie sox set. And since she projects a unique, cutting-edge aesthetic, her tweet drew attention.

All of this is good news for Hunter, who might just thank Dunham for the favor. If it wasn't that, it raises questions as to whether somone else from camp BIden paid her for the favor. It sure as heck couldn't be imagined by the canniest glitter-novel writer in years past, but in the Biden era, here we are.

Hat tip: Breitbart News

Image: Shareable Instagram video, screen shots.

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