Karma will not be kind to sore winner Democrats

I find it amazing, but not surprising, that so soon after winning the White House and a majority of the legislative seats, the Democrats cannot be satisfied with their victory, however tainted.  Rather, they are after blood, and they want it now.

I am one of the few guys over 70 in the U.S. who actually played soccer when he was a kid; part of my junior high and all of my high school years, I lived in the Yakima Valley, where my Hispanic friends all played soccer and where an eclectic, for the time, physical education teacher let us play the game at school.  I'm not very good at soccer, but I love the game and had the privilege of living in two South American countries where soccer is king.

So I tend to think in terms of soccer when I see political rivalry.  The other side played dirty with every match over the past 4–5 years; they cheated, tripped, kicked, took dives and blamed every fault on the other team.  And now that they prevailed in the big game, it's not enough to merely win (again by cheating).  It doesn't suffice to exult in their tainted victory.  Rather, they want to kick the other team all the way around the stadium and beat the living daylights out of the opposing fans out beyond the stadium.  And, most naturally for them, the other team has to be totally removed from the league, and the members are prohibited from selling their jerseys (quite literally).

We are used to sore losers in sports and in politics, but sore winners are the legacy of totalitarian leftists, who, especially over the last century, sent their defeated enemies to re-education camps, imprisoned them, or conveniently wiped them off the face of the earth.

The vindictive wish to hurry through another impeachment of Trump, again on trumped up charges, is only one small piece of the overriding passion of reprisal now being discussed and even acted on.  And they are going to do everything in their power to suppress the opposing fans — the problem being that those fans make up half of the nation.

When the referees and the league captains are all in the tank for one team and conveniently overlook the violations because, after all, "their" team deserves to win, it truly spells the end of the league as we have known it.

It's here that we have to bring up another matter: how the universe functions.  There is a small matter of karma in all this.  Those who cheat and lie and get what they want with less than ethical methods invariably find that their own actions come back to haunt them.  The Old Testament has a warning that all should heed: "be sure your sin will find you out."  In fact, all religions of the world, including all time-tested wisdom, teach that our sins and corruption will come back to bite us with true retaliation much worse than what we wish on our enemies.  Rather than exulting in the retribution we think we have imposed on our enemies, our own hate and crimes turn into something like a fun house mirror as our evil boomerangs back on us with chilling vengeance.

You will notice that the cheating teams somehow don't make it to the top of the league, and the cultures that allow their players to dive, cheat, and use violence as methods to gain the upper hand somehow never make it to the top at the World Cup.  In fact, these are the teams and the cultures that eventually reap what they sow.

The last word has not been uttered concerning today's political mess.  That word will take some time to be spoken with clarity, but it does not bode well for those who have decided that the end justifies the means.

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