Is the Biden/Harris agenda irresistible and inevitable?

There are several ways the Biden/Harris juggernaut will be blunted.  One of these is the market.  A national government opposed to the market will make decisions that harm pocketbooks directly.  These relate to taxes and regulation.  Many of the losses that Biden/Harris cause should be actionable.

The market that was greatly helped by deregulation and lower taxes will be generally dragged down by the reversal of those policies.  This means loss of jobs and income throughout the country.  Minorities that benefited as in no other time under Trump will see those gains eroded.  A declining economy will not reflect well on those who caused it.

Some will benefit.  If you get one of those jobs that raises you to $15 an hour, you will benefit.  What do you care if others lose their jobs in the process?

Progressive consultants should do very well at the federal level and on the coasts.  In fact, flyover country will be required to hire them to promote right thinking.

Security firms should benefit as "defund the police" rages on.  Does Biden have a way for our most vulnerable groups to be able to afford private security?

Solar power and wind should benefit at the expense of fossil fuel electric generation.  Forget about the millions of jobs tied to fossil fuels and the rising cost of electricity in a non-fossil world (assuming that a functioning non-fossil world is possible).

Look for many firms to receive government grants to promote the Green New Deal.  And look for them to fail to deliver, as was already exhibited during the Obama administration.

There are numerous others who may benefit from the edicts from the fortified Imperial City of D.C.  Fill in the blanks.  But those who benefit will most likely do so on the backs of those who are hurt in the process.

If there is anything that the left is good at, it is dedication to its cause backed by the willingness to do literally anything to win at any cost.  Trump, in commenting on Hillary's "virtues," said her dedication to her cause was her greatest asset.

We reject the ugliness of such unbridled dedication, but we can learn to win in a dedicated, civil fashion.  Trump has left us with a vastly restructured court system at all levels that should aid greatly in this regard.

So as Texas has said, we should sue the Biden/Harris government in every case where it harms us.  Remarkably, only a few days into the Biden/Harris administration, the agenda flowing from D.C. in the form of executive orders and the coming promised legislation is generally unconstitutional.  This is not surprising since the perpetrators think the Constitution says whatever they say it says.

This attitude has been true in many cases courts decided before the Trump restructuring and even a few afterward.  The Supreme Court refused to intervene in the election because the justices saw these cases as politics that would reflect badly on the institution.  Perhaps they thought Biden could be controlled through the Constitution and that they would take care of the Constitution and America going forward.

I believe in general that we should see future court decisions that in the end defend the Constitution as written.  Logically, you would think that this would give Biden/Harris pause.  However, in the fever of a victory that has translated into a vicious hatred for millions of fellow Americans, logic is suspended.  The only pause will be the result of having their agenda repudiated by the courts en masse.

Christopher Garbacz is a former economics professor.

Image: Judge's gavel and law books by George Hodan.  CC0 Public Domain.

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