One of Biden's first priorities was to re-establish corrupt slush funds for political supporters

President Trump got rid of the Obama/Biden slush funds where the Justice Department, CFPB, and EPA shook down corporations and then used the negotiated settlements that they were forced to pay (taxpayer money) to funnel kickbacks to their political supporters.

But one of Biden's first priorities was to re-establish these corrupt slush funds.  Why didn't the media highlight this magnificent,  corrupt, first day action?  The answer is clearly that the complicit media will gladly hide anything from the public that might shed a bad light on their chosen one.

It is the same reason they always buried the stories of pure corruption by the Biden and Clinton families.  The politicians that most of the media are campaigning for and contributing to are special.  They can take as many kickbacks and violate as many laws as they like and lie with impunity, and the loving media will support them.  The truth hasn't mattered for a long time to people who pretend to be fact-based journalists.

Joe Biden's DOJ To Resume Extorting Money From Corporations To Benefit Leftist Groups

In the first set of Executive Orders signed today by Joe Biden was the reversal of a DOJ policy put in place by Attorney General Jeff Sessions which prohibited provisions in settlement agreements in civil litigation that directed the opposing party to pay the money from the settlement to some third-party interest group that DOJ believed could put the money to better use than having it go into the Treasury of the United States. 

Why wasn't there front-page and wall-to-wall coverage of the violent riots in Portland, Seattle, and other places on Election Day by radical leftists?  The answer is that violence by leftists never matters when the media are pushing an agenda.  When an MSNBC reporter stands in front of a burning building and describes it as mostly peaceful, we know that facts mean nothing to propagandists.

We all know that if any group remotely associated with Trump committed a sliver of the violence that the media and other Democrats predicted and hyped for Election Day, the coverage would be massive and the calls for impeachment would compound.  Should V.P. Kamala Harris be impeached since she promoted and supported the violence and bailing out the criminals?  Biden sat silently by with all the violence last summer until the polls said he should say something.

Why didn't journalists ask Biden for scientific evidence showing that there is a correlation among oil, temperatures, sea levels, and storm activities when he revoked the permit for the Keystone pipeline?  The answer is that science and facts have never mattered when Democrats are pushing an agenda to remake and destroy America.  They, along with the loving journalists, gladly spread misinformation to the children and others without any evidence.  And they call anyone who disagrees and tells the truth that the climate has always changed cyclically and naturally a liar, a denier, anti-science, and stupid.  They are canceled and silenced to hide the truth.  Debate is not allowed.

Why didn't we constantly hear the term "systemic racism" while Obama and Biden were in office, since we are told that we have been racist for 400 years?  The answer is that the media and other Democrats know that the statement isn't true.

Why didn't Biden take care of the systemic racism problem in his first fifty years in D.C. if the problem is so bad?  Why would anyone believe it will be different now?

For the last four years, we have been treated to a hate fest by the media and other Democrats where they demonized Trump and his supporters with lies and every vicious name in the book.  They called Trump an illegitimate president, said he stole the election, conducted witch hunts about Russian collusion, and continually spread lies about what Trump said in Charlottesville to gin up hate and violence.  They sought to destroy white Christian boys and Judge Kavanaugh with known lies.

And they blame Trump and his supporters for dividing the country while they falsely claim they are uniters who are the empathetic party.

For the Obama/Biden eight years and for the next four years of Biden/Harris, we will be treated to a love fest.  The truth, science, the law and corruption will not matter.

Caricature by Donkey HoteyCC BY 2.0  license.

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