Gov. Cuomo's COVID policies were more murderous than we thought

The Cuomo brothers were neither talented nor funny, but the media presented them as the light in the middle of the COVID tunnel through which America was passing.  Cuomo wrote a book about his wonderful self in the midst of the crisis.  Andrew even won a special Emmy for his performance as an American governor during a time of crisis.

And what a performance it was, because the real Andrew Cuomo was doing an absolutely dismal job of managing the Wuhan virus in New York.  The single worst thing Cuomo did was to kill off New York's old people.

It had very quickly become apparent that, out of the entire population, the elderly were most vulnerable to the Wuhan virus.  Nevertheless, Andrew Cuomo mandated that group homes housing the elderly (retirement communities, long-term care facilities, etc.), accept from hospitals patients diagnosed with the Wuhan virus.

The results were inevitable: there was a mass die-off of institutionalized elderly people in New York State.  By July, it was believed that more than 6,400 older people had died in New York because of this order.  By August, New York was one of four states the Department of Justice was investigating based upon an inordinately high number of COVID deaths.  (The other states were New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.  Biden's pick for assistant health secretary, Dr. R. Levine, presided over Pennsylvania's debacle.)

At the time the investigation began, reported the DOJ, "New York has the highest number of COVID-19 deaths in the United States, with 32,592 victims, many of them elderly."  On Thursday, America learned that Cuomo's slaughterhouse policies were worse than everyone thought.

According to New York attorney general Letitia James, the report that 6,600 elderly New Yorkers died in nursing homes was off by 50%.  It turned out that the Health Department was counting only those who died in the nursing home, not those who sickened in the nursing home and died in the hospital.  All told, Cuomo killed closer to 10,000 elderly New Yorkers.

Aside from exposing Cuomo's true self (either grotesquely incompetent or deliberately murderous, perhaps because old people, who no longer produce wealth, are expensive), the report is interesting because James is a hard, hard leftist.  In August, James announced that she was going to destroy the NRA (which has since filed for bankruptcy and left New York for Texas).  She's also dedicated to destroying Donald Trump and the entire Trump family.  She is a leftist attack dog — and she's attacking Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo has to be feeling mighty insecure right now — and he's still blaming Trump for his own failures.  With yesterday's news, his deadly incompetence is on public display, and he's got to believe that James is positioning herself to challenge him in 2022, when his third term as governor comes to an end.  She'd probably make herself even more popular if she arrested him for manslaughter or murder.

Image: Andrew and Chris Cuomo's COVID comedy act.  YouTube screen grab.

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