For leftists, it's not about the money

In many ways, the Tony Blair administration helps reveal an important point about how leftists ultimately operate.  Blair was clever to adopt many of the right-wing economic policies of Thatcher, realizing that economics wasn't the major issue; transforming the people and culture was pivotal.

Although leftists are more than happy to carry on with similar economic policies, their long-term objectives are more in line with something akin to Antonio Gramsci and the Frankfurt School's vision of cultural transformation.  Indeed, this thinking has since metastasized throughout much of our corporate world, even if it means they lose money doing it.

Sadly, in response, conservatives have too often fallen into two traps when dealing with this reality.  First, as Mark Steyn has put it, they're too busy chasing after the next election and never think beyond satisfying that objective.  Meanwhile, the left is working on longer-term, wholesale cultural transformation.

Second, conservatives erroneously still believe we're in an earlier, more rational age.  This leads them to dismiss leftist corporations for being simply foolhardy when they embrace and incorporate Progressive ideals that operate to their financial detriment.

Examples of this can be found with the stridently anti-male and pro-transgender advertising campaign from Gillette, which cost its parent company billions.  Another example is the NBA's embrace of BLM talking points, which saw its audience crater.  And much of what comes out of Hollywood sees it increasingly and brazenly pushing every Progressive agenda no matter what the cost may be to its bottom line.

By using such tactics, the left has spent years using the media, education, the long entrenched government establishment, and most recently the corporate world to send out a message: your people are the problem and need to change, because you are racist, sexist, homophobic, warmongers, etc.  In reality, the target is First World residents of European heritage.

Further, leftists repeatedly tell us we need to rethink how we live.  They promote a more pleasure-seeking, even nihilistic life, one that sees people live for the moment and stop having so many children or simply abort them.  Leftists also encourage multiculturalism and mass migration, even though most countries of the world have never adopted such policies and the left only occasionally if ever, demands it of them.

In light of these cultural changes, how much impact do you think the election of a politician or political party, or even appointment of a judge to a court, will be in the end?  The right can win every election for the next few decades and ultimately still lose everything, as the people, culture, and even ostensibly right-wing political parties change.

Indeed, for modern leftist corporations, whether they make a profit or not from such actions is ultimately irrelevant to them.  They have long-term objectives that supersede short-term financial gain.  The primary objective, always, is turning the Progressive narrative into the accepted meta-narrative that guides and informs the masses as they consume and then integrate into their worldview.

By doing this, the leftists hope to change the people to fit the market instead of changing the market to fit the people.  This also shows how much the corporate world now works in concert with the leftist establishment in government.  What conservatives miss here is that these corporations are achieving far bigger goals than merely making money.

Image: Piles of cash.  Pexels.

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