Federal judge suspends Biden’s deportation freeze nationwide

All of a sudden, Democrats are discovering a downside to federal district court judges issuing nationwide injunctions blocking presidential initiatives. What goes around comes around.

CNN ruefully reports:

A federal judge in Texas temporarily blocked the Biden administration's pause on deportations Tuesday, delivering a blow to one of the administration's first immigration actions.

The early defeat, even if temporary, demonstrates the limits of President Joe Biden's executive actions, which are expected to be challenged in court.

Tuesday's order stems from a lawsuit filed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton challenging the 100-day pause on deportations, which took effect Friday. The complaint cited in part an agreement signed between the Department of Homeland Security and Texas in the waning days of the Trump presidency that required the department to consult the state before changing or modifying policies. 

Judge Drew Tipton of the Southern District of Texas, however, said the temporary restraining order was appropriate under the Administrative Procedure Act. Tipton blocked the Biden administration from executing its deportation pause for 14 days.

Tipton, appointed by President Donald Trump, also found that Texas could be harmed if the moratorium were to continue. "In light of the foregoing, the Court finds that the threat of injury to Texas outweighs any potential harm to Defendants and the public interest is served and protected by the issuance of this TRO," he wrote.

Texas AG Ken Paxton.
Photo credit: Alice Linahan Voices Empower  CC BY-SA 2.0  license.

I consider this injunction the first installment in payback for the many nationwide injunctions issued by district court judges against President Trump's initiatives.  The very same formula that Democrats exploited can be used.  Find a plaintiff located somewhere where a sympathetic federal judge can be found, allege harm, and ask for an injunction.

In this case, the Texas A.G. brought suit and found a Trump appointee who bought the argument enough to issue a temporary injunction.  Now comes the part about delaying proceedings while Biden, or whoever is doing his thinking for him, fumes.

Retaliation is the only argument that ever would persuade Democrats to drop their obnoxious tactics.  They are in for a heaping helping of injunctions against Biden's moves.

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