A new badge of honor for President Trump

Congratulations, President Trump!  You have been awarded your second badge of honor: another accusation of wrongdoing ("impeachment" in Washington parlance) by the ever-anxious-to-do-you-in House of Representatives and its leader, the Madam Pelosi.  What greater tribute could a man, who loves our country and cherishes its God-given freedoms, be granted than to be chastised by today's socialist-sympathizing, hate-filled politicians?  The first 2019 accusation against Trump went down in flames when the Senate refused to even consider the hollow claims presented by the House.  It remains to be seen if and when the Senate will consider the newest accusation.

President Trump deserves unending credit and appreciation for what he has done over the past four years for our country and for those who love freedom — freedom that many who despise the president are working to take from us.  He has done more than any other president in history to strengthen our country and its economy and to pull it out of the socialist gutter that it has been floundering in for several generations.

The new administration will work to turn our Country back to their socialist "one world order" agenda, but their efforts will be in vain.  Trump has made over 160 million Americans believers that low unemployment and prosperity for all are best achieved through his "jobs for Americans" and free-market economic philosophies.  And he has taught us that these philosophies can thrive for everyone only when the freedoms protected by the Constitution are defended as sacrosanct — not cast aside or demeaned by for political expediency.

May Donald Trump continue to be motivated to battle on our behalf against the modern socialist movement that seems determined to destroy our country both from without and from within.  Godspeed, President Trump.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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