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The Georgia results were 100% predictable.  One may think Sidney Powell and her theories went up in Kraken smoke, but on at least one theory, she was absolutely right. 

Early on after the Presidential election, she exhorted Georgia Republicans to boycott the two Senatorial run-off elections.  “Blasphemy,” the swamp bellowed. Yet, could the results have been any worse?

Powell asked how one could use the same electoral apparatus that appeared to steal votes from President Trump, and then trust it for another election, especially using the same suspect Dominion machines.  Moreover, the corrupt Republican Georgia Secretary of State, who had made a sweetheart deal with Democrat  powerhouse Stacey Abrams, and the unhelpful Georgian Republican Governor were both still in office -- so how would that produce a different outcome?

President Trump didn’t help himself at his last rally in Georgia where he rambled on about election theft, giving a litany of  election crimes committed against him.   Incumbent Perdue was absent due to Covid quarantine.  Incumbent Loeffler was there, and spoke well, but was tainted by poorly timed stock transactions.   The odds were definitely not with them. 

On January 6, the day Congress certified the electors, thousands of Trump supporters rallied in D.C. and were peaceful.  Unfortunately, though, as the rally ended, hundreds stormed and breached Congress resulting in death, injuries and vandalism.  Anecdotes abound that Antifa was involved.  Time and Investigation may tell.  The images were shocking, with the Democrats now calling for Trump’s ouster, scant days before the end of his term. 

The hypocrisy is stunning.  The left’s outrage a cacophony of chutzpah.   Without condoning or downplaying the mob’s violent behavior,  please  spare me.  We have watched America’s Democrat-controlled inner cities up in flames for months.  The burning, looting and arson went in unabated and were dismissed as “mostly peaceful” protests.  We have seen murder cases spike.  We have seen police stations, stores and cars looted and burned.  All, mostly without recourse. 

What happened in DC is serious and dangerous.  But, observing obnoxious Trump staffers leaving in protest, mere days before their expiration dates as Trump is drawn and quartered virtually, is repugnant and maddening.  

Democrats caused the siege, not Trump.  Democrats allowed their cities to be attacked and burned for months.  They did not protect their own citizens and they persecuted and prosecuted citizens who attempted to protect themselves.  As Republican officials were attacked and harassed, Democrats said and did nothing in protest.  

Lawlessness was a campaign tactic.  It worked…  as did their dangerous “Defund the Police” push, which didn’t seem like such a smart idea while under siege.  

And somehow the cries of the Capitol being a sacred place, while true, ring hollow.  

  • A looted and torched store is sacred to the people who sweated and sacrificed to create it.   
  • An attacked and bombed police station is sacred to those who work from there protecting others.  
  • A private home, assaulted and menaced by an angry, crazed mob is sacred to the owners who have sacrificed and toiled to own it.

In 2016, I was delighted to attend the Republican Convention in Cleveland, with the Republican Jewish Coalition (“RJC”).  A bonus was discovering many Fox News stars were staying at our hotel.  On a rare morning not attired in a dress and heels, I met one of the newscasters I admire most, Lou Dobbs.  He was charming and generous with his time.


I talked to him about his one show that had affected me the most.  One night he did a “what if” riff on air (I paraphrase): 

What if it’s all political theater. What if the two parties argue in public, and party in private. What if it’s just one big play in D.C.?

Lou seemed pleased the piece had resonated and reminisced that it was also one of his favorites and that he had enjoyed putting it together. He is one of the few Fox stars who has remained true. 

As for the rest of us, what if?

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