Why Democrats always hide their true agenda

The media and Democrats' playbook is always the same. Their radical big-government policies are not popular, so they hide the truth about them from the public. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were essentially kept in the basement while the media and other Democrats repeatedly attacked Trump. While Twitter and Facebook executives were helping and contributing to Biden, they were censoring Trump and his supporters while burying negative stories on Biden.  They never censored Biden, no matter how much he lied. Currently, Biden and Obama are telling their supporters to shut up about defunding the police, a standard trope coming from the left, because voters don't like it. They say they can get to it later.  Defunding police is rephrased to call it reimagining the police or some other intentionally misleading term.  When Republicans want to slow down the increase or freeze education spending, food stamps, Medicaid, or Medicare, the media...(Read Full Post)