Who has the power to appoint presidential electors?

Now that inferior election officials in Arizona have rejected a legally issued legislative subpoena from the Arizona Senate Judiciary committee to turn over Dominion machines and software for inspection, the Legislature of Arizona must use its enforcement powers to compel these officials to respect their plenary authority over presidential elector appointment. But what enforcement authority is available to the Arizona Legislature?  It's not the Judiciary.  And it's not a sheriff, or state capital police.  The Arizona Legislature has plenary authority over appointing presidential electors.  All it has to do is self-convene by quorum in each branch, or by joint ballot, then vote to send Trump electors; then send the slate to Washington, D.C.  That's how you enforce the subpoena. But then you do one more thing, Arizona Legislature.  You sprint into federal district court, and you demand a...(Read Full Post)