Who are the split-ticket voters?

What America wants to know is, who and where are the split ticket voters: those unicorns who hated Donald Trump so much that they voted for Joe Biden and gave him the presidency (so far) but loved their local Republican representative so much that they voted for him?  Why aren't the elite polling institutions putting this question to American voters?  Personally, we have asked a number of our friends, and none — as in zero — split his ticket in 2020.  Frankly, we don't think any of these millions of ticket-splitters exists.

Of course, the elite pollsters have egg all over their faces because none of them was even close to predicting the actual 2020 election results.  And when the Trump landslide is finally certified, they will be proven to be even more wrong.  So yes, we have to take the polls with a grain of salt.  But we can also research past elections to determine the frequency and magnitude of split tickets at the presidential level.  My guess is that they occur very seldom, if at all, and never to the extent of 2020.  That's something the average American can understand, and the propaganda ministry (AKA mainstream media and social media giants) would find it hard to suppress. 

So, pollsters, get going.  Find those ticket-splitting unicorns!

Image: Kim Hansen.

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