What a mess the US Congress is!

The U.S. Congress is a disgrace.  Democrats play dirty, and Republicans are neutered and perhaps in covert cahoots. 

The Democrat-run states and cities have shut down businesses and demanded citizens limit their movement.  Without compensation.  This is what in legal terms regarding government-asset grab is termed an "illegal taking."  Typically, an illegal taking is a term used when government grabs private land.  But it applies to any government taking,  and current onerous government COVID restrictions have resulted in the demise of countless businesses and a plethora of bankruptcy filings.  Thus, we are witnessing  illegal COVID governmental takings on a colossal  scale.  There has been no compensation. 

After months of inactivity, Congress has come up with a big fat multi-trillion-dollar COVID stimulus dud.  Legislators have endorsed Dostoyevsky-sized legislation for soaring handouts  for foreign  gender education enhancements and millions for border walls in  foreign  lands, while our border wall is sneered at.  In fact, putative president-elect Biden has talked of tearing down the southern border wall. 

Struggling  Americans, whose businesses have been decreed nonessential and arbitrarily shut down, are being belatedly doled out a measly $600.00 per person.  What an insult.  (President Trump has called for an amendment to the bill, demanding a payout of $2,000 per person.)

These are the people who were elected to represent us.  They have forgotten.  They think they are special.  They think they are better than the hardworking people who pay their salaries, pay their staffs, pay their  transportation, pay for their offices, pay for  their mass mailings, and pay for the entitlements that enable them to feel special. 

Americans are reaching the breaking point.  They have been lectured not to go out unless masked; not to go to restaurants; not to travel or visit family members; and to accept the inane, oxymoronic motto "alone together." 

And what have compliant Americans received in return?  Unmasked elected officials eating out at posh restaurants, elected officials taking foreign vacations, and elected officials visiting their own extended family members. 

It's ignominy on top of ignominy as we are now forced to witness the COVID vaccination shell game.  While Israel is vaccinating all of its citizens 60 years and older, our elected officials are beclowning themselves.

Some  have jumped the vaccination line.  Legends in their own minds, young, healthy  and way outside a Covid danger zone, they highlight their COVID vaccination events.  What a narcissistic bunch. 

In scary, surreal contrast to this extant dysfunction, putative president-elect Biden is touting the most diverse Cabinet in history and a war against our deadliest adversary: climate change. 

Our only hope is that the Republicans find their cojones and follow the Electoral College alternate roadmap. 

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