WaPo: Palestinians not getting vaccine is Israel's fault

In "Israel is starting to vaccinate, but Palestinians may have to wait months" (12/18/20), The Washington Post blames Israel for adopting a vaccination policy that fails to prioritize Palestinians.  Never mind that Israel has its own population to vaccinate.  The Israeli government's responsibility is to protect the health and safety of its own citizens.  Israel is 80% Jewish and 20% Muslim, along with other religious groups — all religions will be vaccinated without preference.

According to the article, "Palestinian leaders say they can't afford either of the first blockbuster vaccines to hit the market."  It's ironic that the Palestinians lack funding for health care; they find plenty of cash for terrorism.  They can afford millions to dig terror tunnels into Israel, lining them with concrete and electrical connections for hostage-taking, and to build and send rockets and missiles toward Israeli schools.  Maybe the Palestinian leadership needs to retake Financial Management 101.

Furthermore, there are plenty of Palestinian funds available for paying Palestinian prisoners' lifetime pensions for killing Israelis — the more they kill, the more they get paid.  Is Israel responsible for this sick use of funds when Palestinian civilians are at risk and a vaccine is available?

The Post article continues: "Israel bears moral and humanitarian responsibility for vaccinating the Palestinian population" according to the Physicians for Human Rights group "in an appeal to Israeli leaders Wednesday."  Really?  But Palestinian leaders bear no "moral and humanitarian responsibility" for murdering Israeli men, women, and children in terrorist attacks?  Where is Physicians for Human Rights each time a Palestinian targets a group of Israelis with gunfire, stabs to death an elderly Jew, or rams a car into a group of Jewish pedestrians?  Palestinian acts of terror are met by the so-called human rights group with nothing — not a word.  Israel needs no moral lesson from the Physicians for Human Rights group.

The Palestinians have blamed Israel for everything bad that has ever happened to them.  And there are plenty in the audience of world opinion who will side with them for one reason or another.  But the main reason is lost on no one — that of the world's old hatred, anti-Semitism.  Israel is the only country reported on by the Washington Post and other mainstream media sources for being responsible for the vaccination of an openly hostile neighbor.  That is also lost on no one — except perhaps the Palestinians and the media.

Image: Washington Post.

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