UN Women give the world a glimpse of leftist utopia

All utopian experiments end badly because they deny basic human nature.  U.N. Women, however, envisions a world of perfect equality that will finally break that chain of failures.  It's doubtful that this ludicrous, man-hating world filled with alternative sexuality will bring the outcome leftists crave.

The true utopian believers invariably envision some variant of socialism with everyone participating equally in perfect harmony.

The Pilgrims, when they came to America, went for the Utopian model and almost starved to death.

The French Revolution was meant to reconstitute French society with liberty, equality, and brotherhood, but it ended up with the guillotine, followed by tyranny and war.

Boston's transcendentalists almost starved to death in their utopian Fruitlands community.  Other utopian experiments in America, right up to all the hippie communes, ended badly.

Marxist utopian revolutions started with blood and ended with oppression; war; starvation; and, inevitably, mass death (Russia, Nazi Germany, China, North Korea, Cambodia, Cuba, large swathes of Africa and Central America, etc.).

Our Founders did things differently.  Rather than create a society that would force humans not to be human, the Founders envisioned a society that would recognize humanity's strengths and weaknesses — and then optimize these strengths while limiting the weaknesses.  That's why the American non-utopian experiment has lasted centuries longer than all of the utopian experiments.

With that track record, one might think dysfunctional societies would model themselves on the American experiment.  They don't.  The socialist mind invariably believes that humans can be changed while refusing to accept that at the end of the day, the only way to make that change happen is through brute, and brutal, force.

Today's identity politics leftists have a different idea for society.  Although they speak about wealth redistribution, they try hard to keep that fact their little secret.  Instead, their focus is on reducing humans themselves to an indistinguishable blending of race and sex.  (The racial blending is interesting because neo-leftists also cling to their belief that the races are entirely distinct, with an immutable hierarchy from dark skin down to light.)

The latest example of this new leftist utopianism is something that most of us missed back in March, when we were preoccupied with the emerging virus.  On March 3, the U.N. Women introduced their utopia: "Equiterra, where gender equality is real."

At the link, you'll find a colorful picture of Equiterra, along with text describing what's wonderful about it.  If you want to know what Third Wave, intersectional feminists want, this is it.

Traditional male-female couples are a minority.  Instead, there are lesbian and gay couples and gender-neutral couples.  There are mommies without daddies and daddies without mommies, and two mommies and two daddies.  Only one traditional nuclear family (father, mother, and gender-neutral child) appears, but this shocking breach is rescued because Dad has only one leg.

There are no private cars in Equiterra, although you'll find a single pink truck with an emergency light flashing and a recycling emblem on its side.  It's only when you look at where the truck is headed that you understand the emergency: that truck is driving straight to the Toxic Masculinity Recycling Plant.

At the recycling plant, the truck will dump its load of toxic masculinity — "Girls are weak," "Men don't cry," "Men should be aggressive," "Boys will be boys," and "Sexist jokes."  After the plant has done its work with these emergency examples of toxic masculinity, it produces boxes full of "Respect," "No means no," "Inclusive language," and other virtuous sayings and behavior.

The "Reproductive Health Center" is located on Freedom Avenue (because babies really tie you down).  This is where you'll find a lone mother nursing a baby and a pregnant woman holding hands with another woman who boasts, "We're going to be the best moms."

Other street names are Unstereotype Avenue, Violence-Free Alley (with the "Support Services" building, maybe for those who miss violence), Equal Pay Street, Climate Action Street (home to "Sustainable Fashion"), Equal Representation Avenue (which feeds into that Toxic Masculinity Recycling Plant), Education Boulevard, and Inclusion Square (which has a lot of LGBTQ or whatever they are couples, plus that lonely nuclear family with one-legged Dad).

The most disturbing thing about the exercise is how childish it is.  Every year, America provides about one-fifth of the U.N.'s budget.  In 2018 alone, America sent that organization $10 billion.  In exchange for that money, we get a World Health Organization that dances to China's tune, an anti-Semitic obsession with Israel, United Nations workers who are routinely caught abusing women and childrenclimate change hysteria, anti-Americanism, anti-gun activism — and the above-described puerile nonsense.

The American system has proven to be the best system in the world to raise everyone's standard of living, while provided optimal recognition of the inherent rights of all people.  Leftists, whether at the U.N. or in Congress, want to tear all this down and destroy us with yet another crazed utopian experiment.

Image: Original frontispiece for Thomas More's Utopia.  Public Domain.