There are peaceful, counter-revolutionary acts to reclaim America

Once Trump is elected president in the House of Representatives, we need to focus on ways to reclaim America from the left.  Even if Harris/Biden prevail, individual citizens still have the power to enact these approaches and make them effective.

How have leftists had such success in pulling America down?  They have captured all the powerful institutions that drive culture — education; the media; entertainment; religion; major metropolitan areas; the Imperial City of D.C.; and, until Trump, the courts.  What remains are the counties that overwhelmingly are conservative.

So, one way to turn things around in some states is to tie electoral votes to the counties.  Suddenly, Atlanta has control of one or two electoral votes, and the other electoral votes are spread throughout Georgia.  We already have this in congressional district form in two states: Maine and Nebraska.  This may take a while to work out, but it is clearly a worthy pursuit.

Foremost on the left agenda is education from K through graduate school.  How do you turn education around?  Pull your children out of public schools, private schools, and "colleges" that seek to turn their minds against America.  Put them in schools that teach American values including religion.  Catholic parochial schools provide an excellent model.

Part of this could be funded by education vouchers that are completely open-ended — not under the direction of the state in any way.  I have proposed before that the SCOTUS could designate education vouchers the law of the land.

Even before these educational vouchers are implemented, a mass exodus from the publicly funded schools would put a powerful financial hit on those schools since funds are tied to enrollment, as are teacher salaries.

This should be done in a coordinated fashion throughout the country.  The home-schooling movement could be the driver.  In addition, we should do away with state and local boards of education.  These boards are usually under the control of the left educational establishment that has proven that its goals are anti-American.

Alec Baldwin and numerous other actors are good at their jobs but very bad for America, given the drivel Hollywood turns out.  Hollywood writ large understands money!  We cannot continue to support them and their disgusting industry.

I recommend a boycott of all entertainment.  When revenues fall drastically, they will suddenly have a different view on what sells and how they present themselves in public.  When Elvis was asked to get involved in politics, he refused, saying, "I'm just an entertainer."

The Imperial City of D.C. is inhabited by elected representatives who do not represent us.  The agencies of government are filled with life appointees who work against America by designing unchecked regulations that enter every aspect of our lives down to the size of our commodes.  The EPA completed its major work decades ago, so it had to latch on to climate change to stay in business.

We need a president who simply refuses to go along with the evil agenda of the D.C. swamp, which is the foundation of the Imperial City.  Amazingly, dry land in D.C. would sink the Imperial City.

Obviously, we need a religious revival.  The left is deathly afraid of the Catholic Church in its traditional mode.  So the left is naturally attuned to the present pope, whose agenda is more closely aligned with Marx than the Bible.  He needs to resign.  If I am in Rome and he is saying Mass in St. Peter's, I will walk out.

The Catholic Church needs to clean house completely.  Many religious leaders need to review their Bibles on abortion and numerous other issues to which they turn a blind eye.  Their blind eye is clearly promoted by the left.  Listen to Lennon's "Imagine."  Visit Strawberry Fields in Central Park with the memorial to Lennon and "Imagine."  Look at how popular this place is!

We need religion to take a much more active role in the culture of America.  If we don't act soon, our churches will be empty, just as they are everywhere in Europe, except Poland, where they overflow.  Maybe we should take a look at Poland?  And maybe we could import some Polish religious leaders.

Our cultural counter-revolution must start somewhere, and that's true no matter who occupies the White House.  Peaceful revolutionaries can have a powerful effect.

Christopher Garbacz is a former economics professor who lives on a lake in Madison County, Miss.

Image: Signing the Declaration of Independence by John Trumbull.

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