The United States of scams, steals, and schmucks

I studied nihilism in college; it was just another name for an alien world.  Like utopia, dystopia, socialism, communism — names for political systems in theory or in places far away. 

That was then.

Now we live in a nihilistic universe.

Religion is under attack and disdained.  Religious services are out for most; riots, looting, and protests are in.  The late Justice Ruth Ginsburg's body was laid in state, her funeral a high-profile gathering.  But those of Orthodox Jews, who deem funerals a sacred group obligation, are forced to be held in secret and castigated.

Morality is sneered at and trampled.  Human traits such as shame and remorse are out.  "Good" and "bad" are irrelevant; situational relativity is in.  While the Torah exhorts that judges must not favor rich or poor, big-city district attorneys and judges increasingly favor the connected rich and the victim poor.

The curtain has been pulled back — all the institutions are built on pillars of sand.  They have crumbled.

It appears that we are governed by people who not only hate half of us, but hate the United States more.  Our monolithic left wing–run government schools are turning out good little comrades who then go onto universities; where freedom of speech is dead, history — if it is taught at all — is revisionist; and, it seems, "50 ways to hate America" is a popular major.

Having practiced before great judges in Philadelphia, Montgomery, and Bucks Counties, Pennsylvania, it is incomprehensible to me to witness the cowardice of the justices elsewhere.  Wouldn't we all have been better off if cases had been heard, litigated, and lost rather than rejected on procedural mumbo-jumbo?

Senator Ted Cruz in his book, One Vote Away, discusses key Supreme Court decisions that were passed by one vote.  With prescient accuracy, Cruz also describes the composition of the Court prior to Justice Ruth Ginsburg's death.  He details Chief Justice Roberts's sleight of hand in his abominable Obamacare decision: arguing that the mandate was a tax when all along Obama swore it wasn't.  Roberts didn't just betray us; he betrayed his oath as an attorney, swearing to uphold the law and Constitution of the United States.  Cruz describes Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh not in the mold of the late Justice Scalia, but closer to the middle alongside Roberts.  Woe unto us.

The proof of election fraud is overwhelming; the proof our institutions have failed us is crushing.  We have a country divided by one half condoning violence as a means to an end and the other half that put their faith in institutions that have failed.

The pictures of Joe Biden, the presumptive president-elect, campaigning for the senatorial candidates in Georgia last week in front of a half-empty parking lot should be all the proof one needs that he did not win the election.

America will prevail somehow.  She has to.  But Joe Biden is not my president. 

Graphic credit: Pixabay.

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