The Hunter Biden emails are now available on the internet


The media effectively buried the Hunter Biden computer story, hiding from most of the American public his corrupt business dealings (all under Joe Biden's aegis) and his utterly debauched private life.  However, the information is out there, and neither Joe nor Hunter should ever be allowed to walk away from it.  A first-pass look at the emails indicates that they are not some "Russian forgery" but are, in fact, authentic.

As expected, the hotly contested emails from Hunter Biden's laptop have been dumped onto the internet.  For now, these dumps are confined to websites that are the functional equivalent of the Mos Eisley cantina (where Han Solo shot Greedo).  I won't link to them here.

As a cyber-security guy, the first thing that I wanted to see was the email meta-data.  Meta-data is data about data — time stamps, I.P. addresses, host names, and so forth.  In this case, we are interested in what are called email headers.

I've spent about four hours (to date) picking through three files known as "mbox" files, which are one of the many ways to export e-mail for back up.  Each of Hunter's three mbox files contains around 35,000 e-mails, many of which are duplicates:

The first thing to note is that all the email headers are where they should be.  While it would be theoretically possible to forge all of them, it would take several thousand man-hours using highly skilled I.T. and cyber-security professionals to pull off, and the cost would be astronomical.  These people would also require intimate insider knowledge of the personal lives of the entire Biden family.

In the image below, you can see just one of the headers from Hunter's thousands of personal emails.  This one is from actor Fred Sears.  According to PBS, Fred Sears "is the retired president and CEO of the Delaware Community Foundation.  Prior to that, he had a career in banking.  He is a longtime friend of Joe Biden."

All the above header information comes from a rather ordinary email in which Fred Sears simply expresses his well wishes for Natalie Biden (Hunter Biden's niece) after she underwent surgery:

Doing a search through one of Hunter's mbox files for the word "Burisma" returned 257 results:

And again, you can see snips here of headers from these particular Burisma emails.  Back to my point about the enormous effort it would take to forge headers for thousands of emails, the snips demonstrate how complex these headers are:

What I have posted here so far amounts to a small crater on the moon.  It will take many months for groups of rogue patriots to analyze all of this — especially because we know that the "media" and the FBI won't bother.  Hunter Biden and his father are degenerates, and as regular American Thinker readers already know, much of the Hunter hard drive dump is quite sordid.  The only way to get this information out now is via the American Samizdat.

Filth aside, the point of my so far brief investigation and this post is simply to validate that the emails are authentic and that they would definitely pass muster as evidence in a court of law, no matter how much leftists scream "Russia, Russia, Russia."

Jason McNew is a cybersecurity expert who formerly worked for the White House Communications Agency.  He can be reached at

Image: Kelly Kline via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.