Our self-appointed media overlords aren't very bright

In February 2017, Mika Brzezinski gave the media's game away.  She explained that Donald Trump, by trying to bypass media bias, "could have undermined the messaging so much that he can actually control exactly what people think."  Mika wasn't upset that Americans might be subject to thought control.  Instead, she was outraged because, when it comes to thought control, "that is our job."  Jennifer Bendery, a HuffPost senior politics reporter, is Mika's spiritual heir because she is stupid, hostile to the Trump administration, under the impression that she owns the facts, and intractable about her ignorance and bias.

Normally, I wouldn't comment on the idiocies of a HuffPost journalist because that's pretty much a "dog bites man" story.  However, sometimes you must point these things out so that people understand the people in the mainstream media.  Remember, these journalists (sadly) control American discourse, despite being governed by an unsavory mix of hatred, ignorance, and arrogance.

That's where Jennifer Bendery comes in.  She is, as I said, "a senior political reporter for HuffPost."  One would expect someone in that position to have a certain knowledge about the world — you know, a grounding in the things that make for an educated person such as, maybe, basic math and English.

Indeed, it's possible that Bendery does have that grounding.  But the fact is that, when hate and pride overwhelm a person, all wisdom goes out the window.  That is why Bendery, driven by her dislike for anything to do with the Trump administration, tweeted out this modern media gem:

Bendery instantly came in for the scorn she deserved:

At this point, a wise woman (and yes, I'm assuming her sex) would have apologized and perhaps tried to pass the whole thing off with a little joke.  But not the Fair Jennifer.  Instead, she doubled down, citing the CDC:

The 2.1 million trolls were not satisfied with this laughable explanation, and they re-explained to Bendery how math and the English language work together:

After 24 hours, Jennifer realized that wisdom dictated an apology.  But once again, showing her journalist's gift for stupidity, she didn't understand that an apology means owning your error.  Instead, she admitted that her facts were all wrong but doubled down on her contention that Pence was still lying:

And again, the 2.1 million trolls took her to task:

Let me reiterate what I said at the beginning of this post.  The people in the mainstream media think they are your betters.  They believe they are morally superior.  They also believe that facts, contrary to John Adams, are not stubborn things, but are, instead, "truths" that are infinitely malleable to conform to their needs.  It's important that, no matter what 2021 brings, we never lose track of the fact that, subject to a few exceptions, the people who mostly control public discourse are ill informed, unintelligent, and morally bankrupt.

Image: Carl Sagan.  YouTube screen grab.

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