No hurrays for Hollywood intolerance

While many Hollywood celebrities proudly proclaim their tolerance for different ideas and their open-mindedness for all, the reality is quite different.

Nothing exemplifies this better than their treatment of influential businessman, talented entrepreneur, and now president of the United States Donald J. Trump (R).  Prior to his election and during the time he ran his real estate development and hotel business, he also helped create and starred in The Apprentice, the long running "Game-Show, Reality-TV" series that aired between 2004 and 2017.  Therefore, Trump definitely deserves his star embedded in Hollywood's famous Walk of Fame.

Alas, many other celebrities don't agree.  The star has been vandalized numerous times, not only by disgruntled tourists, but also by other more famous individuals, as TMZ reports.  For example, so-called comedian George Lopez, classy as always, simulated urinating on it;  James Otis, an heir to the Otis Elevator Company, publicly smashed it with a pitchfork.  (Remember that the next time you ride in one of the company's elevators.)  And since you asked, no, they weren't punished for these minor criminal actions; instead, they were rewarded with Hollywood's equivalent of street credibility.

And so, to save money for repairs to the star and also to prevent being sued by people tripping over the damaged star, the Hollywood Historic Trust, which pays for the Walk's maintenance, placed a wooden plank over the star and then fenced it in.  TMZ, which babbles about entertainers' and other famous people's deep thoughts and actions, characterized this move as follows:

On the surface, it seems like someone is trying to protect the star from more vandalism. But, there's another way to look at this... it could be a symbol of Trump's policy separating children from their parents and caging them.

Uhm, no.  In a later update, TMZ reluctantly was forced to admit, "The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce tells us the barricades were placed around the plywood to prevent a tripping hazard."  

As Hollywood cartoon character Bart Simpson would say, "Duh!"

Image: Pkist.

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