Malloch-Brown makes his return to the Soros mothership

It's almost as if George Soros was patting his faithful servant on the head for a job well done, and as a reward, putting him in charge of much bigger things.

That's the look of it, from a tweet like this:



The Open Society Foundations is Soros's flagship, the socialist billionaire's principle vehicle, the apparat he uses beyond the electoral system to create chaos under the phony rubric of 'openness' and 'democracy.' In 2011, I wrote about the genesis of his chaos here, beginning with Soros's financed revolutions in Eastern Europe, and warned they would not be his last. There was plenty of evidence he supported the Occupy Wall Street pilot operation. Since then, we know that the chaos of Antifa and Black Lives Matter (whose leaders were trained in Chavista Venezuela) was the work of someone with money, as Sen. Rand Paul could testify. Soros is the only one we know of who specializes in chaotic demonstrations like these, often funneling money through radical rich-people NGOs such as the Tides Foundation. Whether he financed these or not is unknown, but we do know that Malloch-Brown loathes the American people and would now be in a position to push the Soros chaos button to create more trouble.

And what did Malloch-Brown do to merit such a reward? Try the fact that he served as the Smartmatic chairman, the company whose technology found its way first into Sequoia Systems, and then when that company drew scrutiny from regulators, got sold, eventually making its way to Dominion Voting Systems. Smartmatic, first developed in Venezuela, with around a $100 million grant from the late socialist dictator Hugo Chavez, is well known for being able to flip votes -- and even determine the identity of voters -- which is what happened in Venezuela, starting from 2004, and certainly evident in the boycotted vote of 2005, of which 82% of Venezuelans abstained once word got out. (Note the unsettling detail of Glenn Simpson, now chief of FUSION GPS, doing the reporting for then the Wall Street Journal, on the DoJ's scrutiny of Smartmatic.)

And since then, this Smartmatic technology created chaos in every election it's ever been in, as investigative reporter Alek Boyd has observed. The latest intance of that is ... here. And according to this account, written in 2019, the vulnerabilities of the system were in place.

Malloch-Brown, after a series of United Nations feed-at-the-trough jobs, found his way to head Smartmatic? The whole thing reeks.

That's because two things here are at work:

One, Malloch-Brown absolutely hates Americans, especially how they vote. He said so himself. Way back in 2006, he denounced the U.S. "heartland" for not respecting the United Nations and other multilateral institutions, of which he then was a power. He said it was because the godawful American 'heartland' was listening to Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. Why would a silk-stocking like Malloch-Brown care about America's 'heartland,' which would most certainly be a place where he never goes? The only thing he could have been referring to was America's voters and the way they vote. According to the estimable Claudia Rosett, reporting in the U.K. Spectator around 2007, in response to Malloch-Brown's appointment to a sinecure in a U.K. Gordon Brown government and the consternation in the U.S. it caused:

Nile Gardiner, a Republican foreign-policy thinker and expert on US–UK relations who is close to the White House, says that Malloch Brown is viewed in Washington as ‘viscerally anti-American’. 

Which might explain a lot about why he'd want to get involved with a known-vote-flipping Venezuelan-origin company like Smartmatic.

Two, he goes way, way, waaaay back with George Soros. This appointment of Malloch-Brown to the top of the Soros chaos empire, brimming with bottomless cash derived from Soros's huge currency-speculator fortune, is just a return to the mothership for old Malloch-Brown. This guy has actually lived with Soros dating from at least 2002, according to this report by Rosett

The relationship between the UNDP [then run by Malloch-Brown] and Soros remains obscure. The UN last year was unable or unwilling to supply a complete list of details accounting for this relationship; neither did Soros’s Open Society Institute open up about it. But Malloch Brown and Soros were sufficiently close professionally to give a joint press conference on 19 March 2002 at a global aid gathering in Monterrey, Mexico.

Nor did Malloch Brown ever disclose his finances to the public — despite presiding over reforms that he assured the world would mean more transparency. 


The connection with Soros became ever closer once Malloch Brown left the UN. Malloch Brown was appointed to senior positions at both Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Institute, which promotes democracy and the rule of law and which Soros founded and of which he remains the chairman. The Wall Street Journal cheekily dubbed Malloch Brown part of an ‘axis of Soros’.

So now with Smartmatic in the spotlight, but the U.S. election looking increasingly as though it's heading for Biden, Malloch-Brown returns to the Soros mothership to head the giant chaos operation.

It has the look and feel of 'well done, good and faithful servant,'the look of a reward for a job well done. That ought to be a warning to the rest of us about what he's done, and what Soros may have in store for us next. Malloch-Brown can be credibly called Soros's hands. 

Photo illustration with use of image by World Economic Forum. by Sebastian Derungs via Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA 2.0

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