No excuses: Allow nursing home visitors

If you currently have a loved one in an assisted living or nursing home, you are probably facing a certain level of anguish.  The grim reality of what led such people to this point is hard enough, but knowing that their quality of life is only getting worse can be unbearable.  Now you have little or no opportunity to have an in-person visit.

You can stand outside their window.  But it's pretty hard to convey true emotions with plate glass between you.  All in the name of  COVID.  How ironic when nearly all the residents are knocking on death's door.

So why can't we visit?  I would say one reason is the apathy that runs rampant through the nursing home system.  If you have a "picture" of a wonderful place where everyone working there truly loves his job and patients, rip it up.

My personal and professional experiences have allowed me to visit many of these settings.  The strong odor of disinfectant barely covers the urine smell; considering the jobs associated with taking care of elderly people, it is easy to understand why they are constantly understaffed.

The vast majority of personnel are clearly unhappy with their employment choice, and those performing the least desirable tasks are there only because no one else will hire them.  For example, my cousin has always been a drug addict, and he has spent his entire life working in these facilities.  I know of countless others who fit this mold.

The people who work at such facilities leave each day; they come back for their next shift.  We have no idea what these workers do in their off-time — some, we simply would not want to know.  Yes, theoretically, their temperatures are taken, hand disinfectant is used, and the proper medical attire is worn.

Do you see the irony?  From doctors to nurses to associates and janitors, the employees can come and go; their guidelines are basic.  But we can't?  Seems pretty stupid.

There are commonsense ways to make our visits as safe as the workers': our temperatures can be taken; we can pay a nominal fee to wear the proper mask, gloves, gown, hairnet, etc.  Besides, we truly love the patients being visited and will do everything to protect them.

So why can't we visit our loved ones in nursing homes?  Is it to save lives, ridiculous government regulations, or is it because of the homes themselves?  Whatever, it is inexcusable.

A Reaper is the pseudonym of a businessman who sells his products to both blue and red customers and wishes to remain anonymous.

Image: Pixabay.