McConnell's treachery and surrender symptomatic of a capitulation-inclined Republican Party

There was no need for Mitch McConnell to cut off Trump's legs and call Biden "president-elect" and congratulate Kamala Harris.  If he had wanted to surrender to the fraud on January 6, he could at least have given Trump another two weeks to fight and educate the public.  I can't but believe that this will hurt the Republican effort in Georgia.  Many Georgia Republicans are going to wonder what good it will do to give this spineless ass the majority.

The surrender is not merely McConnell's, but essentially that of almost the entire Republican Senate caucus.  One gets the impression that a large percentage of them welcome a return to "normal."

This collective surrender deeply injures, indeed truncates, Trump, and his legal team's efforts to utilize the three weeks remaining to educate the public further about the details and magnitude of the criminality and treason.  President Trump reacted on Twitter, but the damage has been done.  The story had been seeping out and having an effect.  After McConnell's betrayal, it's all been turned into sour grapes.

Mark my words: this premature surrender will hurt the party's efforts to consolidate the huge gains Trump made among people — especially in the Midwest, where Trump voters — who had never voted Republican before Trump — are convinced of the theft.  The leadership had to join Trump in screaming fraud, and it didn't.

The Dems know that it happened.  They're evil but not stupid.  And a united party pursuing the criminals till the last day would have done more to put the fear of God into the Dems than two unimpressive Georgia Republicans.  And for that matter, a united party would have increased the chances of getting those Republicans elected, for whatever good they might be.

It's a full-on return to the stupid surrender-and-be-nice party.

Trump is still fighting.  Again alone.  No help from the Republican Senate or House.

I just don't care anymore about this Republican Party, nor do I believe that it can stop the global left's revolutionary plans. 

If the Republican Party is going to morph into something that has a chance of mounting a real defense against the coming revolution, it needs a thorough house-cleaning and the infusion of tough people.  It needs to be remade in Trump's image.  With fighters.  If indeed such people are to be found in this decayed culture.

Trump picked the best he could find for three open Supreme Court seats, and look what he got!  If the parties had been reversed, and the left had gotten three Supreme Court seats, do you have any doubt that all three would have taken a case, any case, that would have given support to a Democrat candidate similarly screwed over by electoral theft?

You can't beat a party as ruthless as the Democrats with weaklings like McConnell and half the House and two thirds of the Senate.  And Trump's three cowardly Supreme Court appointees.

The clearest sign of American cultural decay and the futility of fighting the leftist/globalist revolution is not the strength of the revolutionaries; it's the weakness and uselessness of the Republican Party.  McConnell's latest premature capitulation is Exhibit A illustrating that sorry state of affairs.

Trump was a miracle.  He got no help from those who should have helped him.  So the Dems brought him down.  Without Trump, or someone like him, and a lot more tough blood, I can't force myself to care anymore about the Republican Party.

It won't stop what's coming.

Caricature by Donkey Hotey (cropped), Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.