Joe Biden's phony vaccine outrage

Joe Biden is out playing president again, making presidential-sounding speeches in a bid to rake political hay.  This time, his feigned outrage is over national COVID vaccine distribution and Trump supposedly failing to do it.  Biden's claiming he'd be so much better.

According to CNBC:

"The Trump administration's plan to distribute vaccines is falling behind, far behind," he said at a news briefing. "As I long feared and warned, the effort to distribute and administer the vaccine is not progressing as it should."

He said his administration will "move heaven and earth" to accelerate the distribution and administration of the Covid vaccines once he takes office on Jan. 20. He reiterated his administration's pledge to have administered 100 million doses of vaccine by his 100th day in office.

To meet that goal, Biden said, it "would take ramping up five to six times the current pace to 1 million shots a day." He said his team will act more aggressively to increase administration of the shots, but even at 1 million per day, it will take months to vaccinate the majority of the population.

"This is going to be the greatest operational challenge we've ever faced as a nation," he added. "We're going to get it done. It's going to take a vast new effort. It's not yet underway."

The distribution is falling behind, according to the stated goals, perhaps, but that's hardly Trump's doing. 

In any case, somehow, Biden got his, as did Kamala Harris, someone who falls into no risk group, but nevertheless got hers at the front of the line.

President Trump tweeted out the reality on the ground:

So as it turns out, President Trump did his job, and the blue states where vaccine distribution is slowest and most suspect are where the problems are.  Not surprisingly, the blue states are also the places most ravaged by COVID. 

Might that not be a problem Biden ought to bring up with his blue-state cronies?

Once Trump is out, and he might be, there won't be Trump to blame anymore, and you can bet the slow distribution is going to stay just as slow due to those states' bad priorities, vast bureaucracies, corruption, and other problems.  The blue states, run by blue governors and filled with blue bureaucrats, are the ones not doing their part to ensure vaccine distribution.  They're too busy making examples of defiant little restaurant-owners and trying to enforce mask mandates.  Vaccines might solve the problem, but that would leave them with less power.

Biden's plan, in fact, is a combination of plagiarism from President Trump and a health care variety of community organizing.

Biden said his administration will also invoke the Defense Production Act, a wartime law that enables the president to compel companies to prioritize manufacturing for national security, to ensure manufacturers have enough materials needed for vaccine production. He said he will also use the authority to expand production of personal protective equipment like masks.

He added that his administration will "set up vaccination sites and send mobile units to hard to reach communities."

The Defense Production Act is something President Trump has already done. 

Joe seems to think the problem is one of vaccine production rather than the logistics of getting blue-state bureaucrats to get up off their butts and distribute the vaccine that they have and are sitting on.

As for the Mao-style vans and blow horns to parade through black neighborhoods, lucky them.  Instead of allowing black citizens to obtain vaccines the same way everyone else does, through a doctor, the long lines these vaccine-mobiles entail should ensure that at least some catch COVID as they wait.  I wrote about the hazards of this sort of free stuff here.  Biden's idea is to make black voters love Big Government, so never mind if anyone catches COVID.

This type of lie is typical of Biden, it seems: make up a fake story about President Trump's supposed incompetence; falsely characterize it; and then claim to be the hero, often promising to do what President Trump has already done.  Biden's done this a lot; in his performance in the first and third debate, he blamed Trump for all 200,000 (at the time) COVID deaths and carefully ignored that the high death toll was what came of blue-state governors seeding nursing homes with COVID patients by executive order.  Biden is always full of this kind of alternate reality.  After that, he walks out if anyone tries to ask him questions.  He's got this down to an art.

Now he claims he's got the vaccine business covered, even as President Trump already got the job done, and says the blue-state delays are somehow President Trump's doing.  He claims credit for Trump's success and blames Trump for blue-state failure, all with a litany of falsities to create a media-repeated narrative.

This is his pattern, and now his bid to blame Trump for vaccine distribution delays is an exceptionally irritating and phony lie.

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