Joe Biden has outlived his usefulness

If you think Joe Biden's term as presumed president will extend through a full four years, there are a few used Dominion voting machines I'm offering to sell you at discounted prices.  In fact, I'll make a prediction that his trusted staff of doctors, within three weeks after the inauguration, if not sooner, will sadly come to the conclusion that the Big Man has developed some severe mysterious symptoms requiring him to resign his office and hand it over to his V.P., Kamala Harris.  Under the provisions of the 25th Amendment, enacted after President Kennedy's assassination, it appears that when Kamala assumes the role as president, she can nominate someone to replace her as V.P.  If you recall, back in 1974, after Nixon resigned and Ford assumed the presidency, Ford nominated Nelson Rockefeller to be his V.P.

Uneasy Democrats know that Biden must leave office as quickly as possible.  He cannot face the simplest of questions from exasperated media who catapulted him into office.  They want some answers as to what Joe has planned to handle domestic and international problems.  They can no longer ask him what his favorite ice cream flavors are or give him ready-made questions about how he loves and believes in his son, Hunter.  They might even go so far as to press him on why his selection of Cabinet members and his team of burned out advisers all seem to be retreads from the regimes of Obama and Clinton.  Where are the new ideas to douse the fires of new situations?  Expect the snarling tigers at the gates, the leaders of Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran, to soon start testing Biden with military threats to our overseas allies.  Our loyal friends in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Israel, Egypt, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe are holding their breath, awaiting the onslaught from their enemies.  It's coming.

Joe has already exhausted his usefulness to the party.  His job is done.  He was loyal and played out his role while entombed in his basement, letting the obviously criminal mail-in ballots, bogus voting machines, and heaven-sent Chinese virus slide him into office.  But Joe can no longer hide from view.  He appears unable to give an unrehearsed vision of his plans to re-unite a severely divided country, nor can he soothe the anxieties of a world being strangled under the virus.  He still hasn't unveiled his blueprint covering the continual search for, distribution of, and monitoring of the efficacy of the myriad of mind-boggling cures and preventatives now pouring out of labs.

He is obviously mentally at a standstill.  He has to go as quickly as possible after being sworn in.

The Democrats have no honor.  They have used Biden.  He's no longer an asset; he's a tragedy (to them) ready to happen.  He has to be replaced.  His recent "broken foot" incident was the beginning.  Most probably, his "doctor" wife, Jill, will break the news of his recently diagnosed "illness" and, with an emotional tear-jerker performance to the world, announce his resignation from office.  Look to Bernie Sanders, to be selected by Harris, to fill the chair of V.P., winning the hearts of the necessary radical left to support the Harris presidency.

Should all this come to pass, may we pray for G-d's help in wading through the coming four years.

Image: Marc Nozell via Flickr, CC BY 2.0.

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