The strangest political alliance in history has brought us to this point

The radical left and corrupt big-city Democrats, on the one hand, allied with the mega-billionaire tech; social media; and, to some extent, "ordinary" billionaire elites on the other.  The Bolshevik revolutionaries and their army of thugs and rent-seekers on the one hand, the globalist super-rich on the other.  The Marxists and the most materially fortunate and successful in America.  Weird.  The richest capitalists on the planet and those who would destroy capitalism.  Lenin and the tsar.  Very, very weird.

One would think there will be a price to pay for this kind of bizarre marriage between those who despise each other.  Surely the couple will be sterile and, besides, will be at each other's throats within a few months.

But don't count on it.  After all, the two are united by an intense mutual desire for money and control: the elites for even more unimaginable wealth through globalism (and for control for their purposes); the Bolshevik revolutionaries and their mob by the lust for trillions in funny money, continuously doled out to them all (and for control for their purposes).  Bigger yachts and slicker private jets for one, reparations for slavery, abolition of student debt, and guaranteed income for bums for the other.  And tons of cash for the governmental administrators and elected officials.

So they do have a common interest.  It might make their marriage work.

And as far as a reckoning in 2022 and 2024 is concerned, don't be so sure.  The coup-perpetrators proved the risk-free efficacy of their template for electoral theft this time: no electoral crime, no method of vote manipulation or theft, is too obvious as long as the media and Big Tech are with you.

Why can't 2020 be endlessly replicated?  Watch Georgia carefully.  Twenty twenty showed the criminals that there is no remedy for electoral fraud — absolutely none.  Not in state or federal lower courts, not from local officials, not in state legislatures, not even from officials in the party that lost, and surely not from the cowardly United States Supreme Court.  There's no danger from any institution in 21st-century America, regardless of the enormity of the crime.  So tell me why it can't happen again.  On January 5 in Georgia.  In 2022.  In 2024.  Ad infinitum.

Conservatives, traditionalists, and patriots are now the revolutionary class battling to recover their country and culture from its illegitimate seizure and intended destruction, crossing swords with what has degraded into a combination of ancien régime France and tsarist autocracy — though that comparison is unfair to both Louis XVI and Nicholas II, both of whom, despite their incompetence, loved their countries and wanted the best for their people.  The same can't be said for de Blasio, Feinblum, BLM, Antifa, and Zuckerberg.  

Traditionalists and constitutionalist conservatives have to abandon their wooden commitment to legal processes — which are hopelessly corrupted and totally failed the constitutional republic in 2020.  They have to take to the streets.  Of course, not in the Antifa way.  Think East Germany, 1989.  It would be nice to begin by 500,000 ordinary Americans marching peacefully, filled with indignation, through Washington, D.C. on the day the senile traitor is sworn in, condemning him and his party for their brazen theft.  Maybe someone will put it together.  And hundreds more over the coming months.

The elites and their Bolshevik mob allies have to be made to realize that a reprise of the 2020 election means sundering the nation followed by civil war.

Short of people's willingness to engage in continuous litigation and struggle to expose ever more details of the fraud, short of their ceaseless denunciation of this great steal, of absolutely never dropping the subject, but rather accumulating the evidence and repeating it ad nauseam, accompanied by massive rallies, demonstrations, and protest marches denouncing an obviously illegitimate president — this time all by decent, peaceful citizens — short of an enormous movement embodying all this, I have no faith that we can turn this around in future elections.

The criminals and traitors have to be made afraid to ever do this again.

Do America's deeply angry but very comfortable traditionalists and patriots have the risk tolerance, courage, and staying power for this?

Maybe they'll surprise me.

Caricature by Donkey Hotey.  CC BY 2.0 license.

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