Jimmy Galligan's failed manhood

A half-black, half-white 18-year-old boy named Jimmy Galligan got even with a 19-year-old white girl named Mimi Groves for having sent around a video, four years before, that she had gotten her learner's permit to drive.  In the three-second vid she said, "I can drive, n-----."  She later applied to the University of Tennessee for a scholarship on the cheer squad.  She got accepted, until Galligan sent around that four-year-old, three-second video.

Scholarship forthwith withdrawn.

This sorry tale sounds like a brutish male picking on a poor innocent defenseless girl.  That may be so.  It's just as likely a case of teenager revenge.  He's probably still smarting over her refusal to date him in high school.  She might have snickered once with several other girls as he sauntered by.  With some exceptions, the cheerleaders I knew in high school were the mean girls, the pacesetters, the in-crowd, the ones who sneered at the plain girls and jeered at the non-jock boys.

Be that as it may, I was raised by the code that a man, or a boy trying to be a man, takes no notice of female slings and arrows, though they slash more deeply than those of other guys, because he can't fight back honorably — you don't hit girls.  This Galligan isn't even trying to be a man, but rather tries to get even for whatever bothers him in a female way, by ruining her reputation.

No real man wants such a weenie for his daughter.

Of course, Democrats see nothing wrong with what Galligan did.  When everyone is a coward, one's own cowardice isn't so obvious, can even somehow morph into a virtue.  You can be proud to be a weenie!

It's hard to feel bad for Mimi Groves, though. She jumped aboard the Black Lives Matter bandwagon, throwing in with a bunch notorious for doing to others what Jimmy Galligan, then the cheer squad, then U.T., did to her.

Live by BLM, so to speak, die by BLM.

But for whatever reason he did what he did, Jimmy Galligan is a humiliation.

Image: Alpha Stock Images.

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