Iranian regime opponents' lives matter

While Joe Biden babbles about rejoining the Iran nuclear deal because, in a Biden administration, all necessary safeguards and watchdogs will be effective, he seems highly unconcerned about the safety of brave Iranians who speak out against the present regime, even if they do so in exile in another country.

For example, an Iranian journalist was executed last week according to a report from the AP.

Iran on Saturday executed an exiled journalist over his online work that helped inspire nationwide economic protests in 2017, a little more than a year after authorities tricked him into traveling to Iraq where he was abducted.

Ruhollah Zam, 47, was one of several opposition figures successfully seized by Iranian intelligence operatives abroad in recent months as Tehran struggles under the weight of U.S. sanctions.

Kidnapping and executing Zam, who lived in Paris under what Iran described as French government protection, likely will further chill an already-scattered Iranian opposition across the West. It also comes as Iran tries to pressure France and other European nations over the collapsed atomic accord in the waning days of President Donald Trump's administration[.] ... 

Iran is one of the world's top executioners. The European Union called on Iran to stop its executions and "cease the practice of using televised confessions to establish and promote their guilt."

Well, yes, because the European Union officials mouthed those oh, so scary words, as did other European government officials, Iran will surely stop these executions.  Uh...then again, probably not.  For example, just three months ago, about the time when candidate Biden first declared his intentions to rejoin the Iran deal and smartly protect Iranians in the process, Iran hanged its champion wrestler for protesting the Iranian regime. 

So while the European, and now American, officials scold the Iranians out of one side of their mouths, on the other side they speak of expanding talks and deals with Iran because they know that Iran will now play nicely and behave now that evil President Trump is gone.

And the Iranians, who are not stupid, will continue with their executions — not to mention their nuclear program — undeterred, confident that the Europeans, well, if not stupid are naïve — at best — will continue with their empty threats while quietly making deals with them.

And the Iranian people will continue to suffer.

Image: Pixabay.

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