I have become a news nihilist

I read today how Fox News is turning into CNN by insulting its core audience.  Then I listened to Project Veritas's recordings of CNN's daily 9 A.M. news conference calls (AKA Democrat propaganda sessions).  Finally, I heard a nice man talking about an alleged and amazing Gina Haspel saga.  In each case, my mental response was, "I don't believe what you're saying."  Our corrupt media have turned me into a news nihilist.  I don't believe either the rumor mills or the news.

Ace of Spades reported that Fox News, in response to its plummeting audience share, has taken to insulting its listeners, many of whom have decamped to Newsmax, as "fringe," "far right," and "radicalized."  That's sure to win them back to the fold.  As for me, between Fox News's appalling and corrupt Arizona call and its increasingly openly expressed hatred for Trump and his supporters, I no longer view Fox News as a "trusted source."

Next, I watched the first three videos (below) that Project Veritas obtained from secretly recording CNN's daily 9 A.M. news conference calls.  (Note: The person in the first video who is identified as Marcus Mabrey is, in fact, CNN's general counsel, David Vigilante.)

My response was "So what?"  The upper-level CNN people were saying on their call exactly what their talking heads say on the screen, which is an endless variation of "we hate Trump, and we will do anything we can to undermine him — and, by the way, we also take marching orders from Democrats to ensure a smooth transition for Biden."  (I made up that "quote," by the way.)  It was probably sometime around 1998 that I stopped viewing CNN as a "trusted source."

Third, several readers sent me to Simon Parkes's video about Gina Haspel and the alleged special forces raid in Germany.  Parkes has a nice British accent and sounds very certain about what he's saying: 

If you can't watch, here's a summary: for his bona fides, Parkes claims that his grandfather and mother worked for British and American secret service agencies and that he turned down an offer to work for the CIA.  He says he'll be moving to Arizona soon — and tells us that Arizona is both Ground Zero for the Q movement and headquarters for the 305th Battalion, which is "the Krakens."

Parkes says he's getting news from American intelligence sources that are not CIA or FBI and that these groups are calling the shots in D.C.  In this case, he says that while he was previously able to report only that someone at the CIA was wounded when special forces raided the CIA facility in Frankfurt, he is now "authorized" to identify that CIA person as Gina Haspel.

Further, Parkes says, Haspel was at a building in Germany that held Dominion servers to oversee the destruction of every bit of evidence on the site.  Fortunately, the "good guys," who were sent there to capture Haspel, got there in time to preserve evidence and capture her.  The five special forces people died because Haspel's bodyguard fought back.

The rumor that Haspel is dead is a cover story, says Parkes.  Instead, she was slightly wounded and taken to Gitmo.  On the way there, she sang like a canary.  She's told the White House everything she knows and, in exchange, was promised a secret identity and quietly removed from the scene.  The FBI may now start acting.

Parkes also says that when Trump heard about the five who had died, he was deeply upset, especially because he knew them personally.  It was good that the mission was successful, but he was "deeply moved," and the "first lady" helped keep him strong.

It was a fascinating story, with good detail, but I'll be honest here: I don't believe this nice man, just as I don't believe Fox News or CNN.  And before you get upset, I'm not calling Parkes a liar (although Snopes calls the whole story a lie).  I'm just saying that it's become impossible for me to believe anybody anymore.

We live in a wild, swirling sea of lies.  The mainstream media, which was once presumed trustworthy, is openly working for one political party.  Fox News, which conservatives once trusted, is openly hostile to conservatives.  And we're left with Simon Parkes, who tells wonderful tales that are impossible to verify.  The free press our Founders envisioned to help guide our nation is dead, and I'm now a news nihilist.

Image: Two women sharing surprising news.  Image used under license from Freestock.com.