Has Bill Barr revealed himself as a swamp creature?

Bill Barr finally broke his silence Tuesday on the allegations of widespread fraud in the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election.  And what saith the bagpipe-playing attorney general?

To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election.


Anyone paying attention realizes that mathematically and historically, Joe Biden's victory does not pass the smell test.  The only way Biden's victory is legit is if you are a Democrat, the mainstream media, a RINO, or Barr. 

Barr is doing either his best Sgt. Schultz impression ("I see nothing!") or a rope-a-dope, or we have come to the realization that Barr is a dirty swamp creature.  This story from the AP appears to support the latter.

Now we must take into account that Barr's statements were reported by the AP, so this could be a case of taking a quote out of context or other form of disinformation.  Maybe?  Maybe not?

If Barr gets to a microphone to clarify his statements, this will prove AP malfeasance.  However, if Barr remains silent, that should confirm his intent and our impression.

What's amazing is that Barr's comments came the same day Melissa Carone, a freelance I.T. worker, gave compelling testimony during Tuesday's Michigan state Senate election oversight hearing that she called the FBI on November 5 to report several instances of voter fraud, but the FBI never responded.  She also blew the whistle on Dominion Systems workers and testified that ballots were tabulated in the Department of Elections, which is illegal.

Jesse Morgan, a USPS contract truck-driver, was one of a number of whistleblowers gathered for a press conference by the Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society, a national constitutional litigation organization.  Morgan recounted delivering large boxes of ballots numbering 144 to 288 thousand from Bethpage, New York to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  That's right: hundreds of thousands of ballots were transported over state lines at the behest of the United States Postal Service according to the testimony

The Amistad Project says its investigation reveals illegal efforts by the USPS to influence the election in at least three of the six key swing states.  But Bill Barr says the DOJ has uncovered no evidence to change the election results?

Perhaps the DOJ and the FBI are not going deep so they can report a lack of evidence?  Aren't the media doing the same when they refuse to launch investigative reports of fraud allegations so they can "credibly" call the Trump Legal Team's efforts and allegations baseless?

A pattern is in progress to engineer a narrative that Trump has no case since partisan judges have thrown out lawsuits by the Trump legal teams.  This narrative is punctuated by editorials disguised as news reports with the keyword baseless thrown into every other sentence.  RINOs like Arizona governor Doug Ducey, Brian Kemp, Pat Toomey, and now Barr then try to demoralize Trump-supporters by gaslighting them into believing that even members of Trump's own party see no chance for victory.  This narrative is also an effort to pressure and prejudice the Supreme Court into not taking up Trump's case or to influence a decision against Trump should SCOTUS take up the case.

Don't buy into their tactics, fellow patriots.  This is far from over.  I'm with you: this whole ordeal has been rife with anxiety, anger, and frustration.  But take heart: the longer Trump refuses to concede, the more we learn who the true enemies of the Constitution and America are.  Pray, donate, march, and support each other when needed, and by all means do not give up, no matter what Bill Barr says.

Fellow patriots, let us also resolve in these crucial days forward to focus and pray for the hero whistleblowers stepping up and doing the right thing.  These individuals are the true barometer of America, not the propaganda media and certainly not amoral politicians.  Should Trump emerge victorious, it will be because of a tenacious team of attorneys and the people holding on and refusing to desert him.

Dex Bahr is the author of the book, No Christian Man is an Island. He is also a freelance writer.

Caricature by Donkey Hotey,  Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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