Democrats and their media enablers, the fancy-pants, hoity-toity party of grifters

Those who are capable of tyranny are capable of perjury to sustain it.” 
― Lysander Spooner

How to identify and characterize a Democrat?  They consider themselves to be so very much smarter than any Trump supporter.  To them, Trump supporters are morons, cultists, idiot rednecks.  They, on the other hand, are veritable oracles of wisdom.  They know so much more than we do.  Their candidates are so much more qualified to hold elective office. 

Consider the lofty braininess of AOC, Ilhan Omar or Rashida Tlaib.  No Republican can possibly compare to those wise scholars of exactly… wait for it, exactly nothing, save their vicious anti-Semitism.  The squad is hardly alone in their infinite confidence in their own superiority.  How about Jerrold Nadler and Adam Schiff?  

The mainstream media is chock full of such self-appointed luminaries:  Wolf Blitzer, Jake Tapper, Chuck Todd, Brian Stelter, Jim Acosta, Chris Wallace, Don Lemon, Rachel Maddow, et. al.  to name a few. 


Wolf Blitzer’s negative score on Celebrity Jeopardy (Twitter screengrab, cropped)

Thomas Friedman of the NYT vividly comes to mind.  He long ago called Trump supporters cultists.  As Rush pointed out Monday morning, when a lefty hates someone as passionately as Friedman hates President Trump, it is Trump’s fault for being hateworthy.  When the left projects their own hatred on conservatives whose values they despise it is again the conservatives’ own fault for being disagreeable. 

For example, to the left, parents who disagree with the policy of mandatory transgender bathrooms in elementary schools are hateful.  That they might be motivated by wanting their young children to be safe at school does not enter their enlightened minds.  Propagandists like Friedman are triggered by opposing (traditional) values and policies.  It never occurs to him that he might be the outlier. 

Such masters of the political universe are supremely confident in the righteousness of their own “woke” societal demands.  How on earth can any sane person disagree with them?  They are of course right, and we are by nature wrong.

These uppity aristocrats who very seriously mean to impose their progressive Marxist/socialist dogma (racist – rule by skin color, sexual orientation and class) on the rest of us cannot understand why we peons don't just submit to their whims, accept their diktats quietly with compliant grace.  After all, they are right, we are wrong.

“Socialism simply substitutes the judgment of the individual with the judgment of a few arrogant elites, not so dissimilar to slave owners.”  (Kathy Burnette) 

That’s their noble ideology and they are sticking to it. 

So what if five or six swing states committed massive election fraud to guarantee a Biden victory?  They only did what they had to do.  They could not allow all of us Trump-loving chumps to re-elect the man to a second term; that would be unacceptable.  They did everything and anything they needed to do to prevent the unthinkable. 

Listen to Schumer, Pelosi, and the rest of the left.  They feel no qualms whatsoever about blatantly stealing a presidential election.  Their operatives – people like Mark Elias, Robert Bauer, and their errand-boy lawyers -- spread out across the nation to quietly, over the past year under all media radar, change election laws in all the right places.  They subverted both the federal Constitution and those states’ constitutions to effect mail-in voting, early voting, same-day registration, no signature required absentee voting, ballot harvesting, votes submitted by tens of thousands of dead people, even after Election Day, hundreds of thousands of phony ballots counted in those bewitching hours early on Nov. 4th and often marked only for Biden, no down-ballot votes cast.  Hmmm. 

In long-corrupt cities like Philadelphia, Detroit, and Milwaukee, they counted thousands more ballots than they have registered voters.  Still, their partisan judges have been dismissing the hundreds of affidavits that prove all the skullduggery.   And then there is the grandaddy of vote fraud, all those programmable Dominion vote machines.  They are the foreign-intervention tip of a gigantic iceberg that may well destroy this country if left unexposed. 

It is likely that they have facilitated vote fraud for years and years and gotten away with it. The left has cheated for decades.  Ask Rod Blagojevich.  Trump’s victory on November 3 was far bigger than they had planned, so draconian steps had to be taken.  

We’ve all heard about trucks delivering thousands of ballots to counting stations in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin in the dead of night, after those states stopped counting votes because Trump was so far ahead.  We’ve seen the video of counters in Georgia sending observers home then pulling out four suitcases of ballots, 24k of them, and counting them surreptitiously.  This grave incident of cheating has not been debunked as the left proclaims.  Not even close. as Mollie Hemingway explains.  See the Heritage Foundation’s data base of election fraud to get a fuller picture. 

Has anyone on the planet heard a single Democrat express concern over the immense scale of cheating that took place? They seem only to feel victorious, thrilled that all their schemes worked, despite getting caught.  They are secure in the knowledge that the partisan judges before whom the lawsuits have been brought so far will dismiss them, and of course, for the most part, they have.  We are, it seems, officially a third world nation like Venezuela and the tyrannous dictatorships of Central America.  And they have done all this to rid themselves of the most substantive, accomplished and popular President since Reagan.  Trump’s economic policies brought US unemployment to the lowest levels ever for black and Hispanic Americans not to mention the masses of bluecollar workers we all depend upon to make this nation function, all those people for whom our imperious progressives have only contempt.  Those are all the people who learned first-hand that President Trump’s policies made their lives better.  

The left’s Hillary-contrived Russia-collusion hoax failed.  Impeachment over a phone call failed.  Their other attempts to destroy the man – tax returns, emoluments, etc. -- all failed.  They took their success at it for granted but this time failed to take seriously the millions of people, even more than voted for him in 2016, who revere the man.  He got more minority votes than any Republican since 1960.  They did not see that coming so drastic measures had to be taken; blatant, overt cheating, over and above the pre-programmed vote machines. 

Are they ashamed of themselves?  Not one bit.  But despite their illegitimate Biden win, some of them surely realize the truth may soon be evident to all Americans.  How else to explain Kamala Harris hanging on to her Senate seat?  Could it be even she is not certain she will ever be VP?  At this point the endgame will be at SCOTUS.   

Our anti-American left, dishonest to its core, as proven by the eight-years of the Obama administration, loathes this country as founded.  They despise the Constitution that puts limits on their lust for power.  They can’t wait to shred it further. 

They will dispose of the First and Second Amendments right off the bat.  They have vowed to pack the Supreme Court with leftists in order to render any conservative voice irrelevant.  They will disband the Electoral College, one of the most brilliant creations of the Founders that gives each and every state, no matter how small, a voice. 

If they win the two Senate seats in Georgia, the United States will become another socialist nation. The wealth of those who work will be redistributed to those who do not work.  All workers will be taxed beyond what is moral; they will be stripped of the fruits of their own labor. 

The lockdowns and Covid restrictions are just a preamble to what they have planned for us all, all-out social control.  Will freedom-loving Americans comply?  Let us pray they do not, that they will rise up against these thugs who support the destructive actions of BLM and Antifa, who vow to defund our police, allow businesses to be looted and burned and then shut down those who miraculously survived the depredations of Covid lockdowns. These are the same people who support all those maskless “peaceful” protests, and who steal elections.  This party will attempt to destroy their opponents by any means necessary. 

Shameless elitists like Thomas Freidman celebrate their privilege, wealth and power as if earned, deserved.  Throughout this fearmongered pandemic, not one of them has missed a paycheck.  They seem not to fear coming down with the virus themselves; what do they know that we don’t know?  They know that if they do get it, they will certainly survive.  They may be taking hydroxychloroquine prophylactically while denouncing it in public as ineffective.  It isn’t, it works when administered early to otherwise healthy people. 

The Democrats in Congress at this moment in time are all complicit in the election fraud, for not one has spoken up to express discomfort with it even though they all know it took place.  Every one of them, along with the despicable RINO Republicans and the entirety of the media propagandists employed by the DNC, has called Trump’s failure to concede abominable.  But it is his and our constitutional right to call for investigations, recounts and judicial intervention.  That our highbrow stuffed shirts who are all afflicted with groupthink assume we will go quietly into their dark night, let us hope they are wrong.

“Silent acquiescence in the face of tyranny is no better than outright agreement.” 
― C.J. Redwine, Defiance

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