Biden commands nation to 100-day mask mandate

If anything out there tells us Joe Biden doesn't know what he's talking about on containing COVID, it's his preposterous call to our continental nation of 300 million to wear masks, on federal property, and beyond, for 100 days. Here's the ABC report, making the basement-dweller who stole an election looking all grand and presidential:   "My first hundred days, I'm gonna ask for a masking plan—everyone for the first hundred days of my administration to wear a mask," President-elect Joe Biden says as he announces new members of his health care team. — ABC News (@ABC) December 8, 2020   Seriously, that's it? President Trump moved at breakneck speed to get a vaccine developed and delivered, on time and under budget. Prior to that, he revved up PPE production, got ventilators needed, and dispatched military hospital ships to critically affected large city...(Read Full Post)