Biden commands nation to 100-day mask mandate

If anything out there tells us Joe Biden doesn't know what he's talking about on containing COVID, it's his preposterous call to our continental nation of 300 million to wear masks, on federal property, and beyond, for 100 days.

Here's the ABC report, making the basement-dweller who stole an election looking all grand and presidential:



Seriously, that's it? President Trump moved at breakneck speed to get a vaccine developed and delivered, on time and under budget. Prior to that, he revved up PPE production, got ventilators needed, and dispatched military hospital ships to critically affected large city ports.

Biden just wants us to wear a mask at all times for 100 days, supposedly in federal venues, whether we are atletes, stay-at-home moms, Zoom denizens working from home, postal delivery people, bums on the street, bureaucrats who don't follow rules, baristas, farmers, wood cutters, fishermen, ranchers, divers, illegal immigrants (good luck with that one), CEOs, babies, or elderly people in convalescent homes. One size fits all, whether you are in Barrow, Alaska, the empty swaths of Wyoming, or the Lower East Side of Manhattan, all 300 million must wear them. He makes his Woody Allen-'Bananas'-like call as if no one had thought to wear them earlier, or federal indoor spaces weren't doing this, or that everyone is always on federal property or in federal transport in any case, as they would be in a communist state.

So why 100 days? What happens when someone forgets or gets robbed or refuses? Do we reset the clock so that everyone is on again? Set the clock back to zero? We can do this for the next thousand years actually.

And why 100 days? Why not 99? Why not 101? This is supposed to be based on 'science' after all, not rounded numbers. Where is the science?

And more to the point, what happens when it doesn't work, as it most surely will not? Hup, sorry 'bout that, never mind about that and too bad about all the lost jobs.

What this shows is that Biden doesn't have a plan, not a serious one.

He was loud and adamant during his abbreviated presidential campaign, with the claim that he'd be the one to lead us all out of COVID, but right now, all he's ordering is mask mandates for 100 days on federal property with some bully pulpit stuff about everyone else wearing masks, too. He's also got a vaccine distribution plan that's sure to be botched or go strictly to politically important cronies, not normal people. The third leg of his three-legged stool plan is to open the schools, giving teachers another 100-day vacation, and that of course is only a claimed 'goal,' so who knows if he means it or will come up with some new teachers-union-pleasing continued closure?

The mask nonsense is pathetic, given that we can already see it doesn't work, having spent most of this year wearing them, having whole mask wardrobes in fact. Masks protect a little, not a lot, are already regularly worn in crowd and closed-door situations, and certainly are no guarantee (why else do we social distance with masks on?). They already are required to go grocery shopping or to church, mosque or temple, or on a flight, or to service someone's plumbing, or to deliver mail, or to see outside family members. The mask-wearing in fact has been going on and on, and COVID, like the common flu, is back to hit its winter highs.

Like King Lear, the decrepit old Biden is convinced he can command the sea. Assuming he becomes president, when it doesn't happen and COVID rages on no different than ever, there will next be excuses and blame for Trump. Just wait for them. Lucky us.

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