Another Democrat is caught violating the rules she imposes on others

In the early days of television, Sheila Kuehl had a role in a now forgotten show, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, which ended in 1963.  She then became a leftist, a lawyer, and a politician.  Despite the long interval between her Hollywood years and today, Kuehl still clings to that lampooned Hollywood notion about stars versus "the little people."  How else can one explain that, after railing against restaurants and voting to shut them down, Kuehl promptly went to a nice restaurant for dinner?

During the lockdown, politicians continued to draw their taxpayer-funded paychecks and telecommute from the comfort of their homes.  Meanwhile, they targeted small businesses that depend on dealings with the public.  More than any other business, restaurants were in Democrat politicians' crosshairs.

As of mid-September, more than 100,000 restaurants had closed across America.  In the two months since then, it's certain that several thousand more have closed.  The San Francisco Chronicle, for example, runs a regular column identifying restaurants that are gone.

Every closed restaurant represents several people's lives going down the drain.  The owner who sank all of his money in the restaurant, the employees who worked there, the suppliers who were dependent on its custom, and the surrounding stores who counted on the foot traffic it brought — all of it's gone.  And I might add, there's no reason to believe that these horrific losses made a damned bit of difference to the course of a virus that is relentlessly working its way through the population.

While the people have suffered, the politicians imposing this suffering, like European royalty of old, have flaunted their special status.

Denver's mayor, Michael Hancock, flew to his family within 30 minutes of telling Denver citizens to stay home for Thanksgiving.

Andrew Cuomo, having reinstated the lockdown across New York, boasted about his family coming home for Thanksgiving.

Illinois's Governor J.B. Pritzker, another Democrat millionaire, was happy to see his family travel during the height of the spring lockdown.

Pennsylvania's health secretary, "Rachel" Levine, who leftists pretend is not a mentally ill man telling people he's a woman, forced sick people into nursing homes in May, even as he secretly removed his own mother.  Levine, incidentally, is being floated as a possible surgeon general.  That's just what America needs: a hypocritical, self-entitled, mentally ill surgeon general.

And in California, Governor Gavin Newsom started by making headlines for imposing ridiculously stringent lockdown rules on people's Thanksgiving celebrations, including requiring outdoor dining only, suggesting masks throughout the meal, giving people limited permission to use the bathroom, and cracking down on singing.

Then, just before Thanksgiving, photos emerged of Newsom and his wife having an indoor dinner with a large crowd of lobbyists at the über-expensive French Laundry in Napa Valley.  None of the guests was masked.  Afterward, Newsom gave a fake apology because Democrats are so certain that they've achieved perpetual power that they don't even bother anymore to go through the motions of political humility.

The latest politician who can't be bothered with the rules she imposes on little people is former Hollywood actress Sheila Kuehl:

The linked story reports that Kuehl was eating at Il Forno Trattoria, in Santa Monica, her "favorite" restaurant.  According to Kuehl, she ate there one last time before she destroyed it.  Okay, I made up the part about destroying it, but her spokesperson said the meal was a fond farewell.  But what about Kuehl's claim that such dining was "a most dangerous situation"?  Apparently, it's dangerous only for the little people.

These people are disgusting.  I used to think voters were fools who kept voting them in.  I now suspect that voters were naïve and credulous for believing that elections are fair.  In California, at least, a lot of people probably got into office "the Dominion way."  We need to clean up elections and throw these people to the curb.

Image: Sheila Kuehl.  YouTube screen grab.

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